Our mission  is to understand the genetic causes of immunological diseases in individual patients and to use these findings to improve outcomes for the patients, their families and other individuals with immune related diseases. 

The Clinical Immunogenomics Research Consortium Australia brings together scientists and clinicians from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. We have pediatric and adult clinical immunologists, rheumatologists, clinical geneticists, genetic counsellors, and research scientists with expertise in immunology, genome engineering and bioinformatics.

Our aims

CIRCA has two key aims: 

  1. To use state-of-the-art genetics and genomics to understand the cause of disease in patients with rare or novel gene mutations;
  2. To understand the physiological consequences of novel genetic variations, with a view to enhancing our understanding of immunological function. This will allow for improved treatment of both the rare diseases underpinned by these genetic variations, as well as common immunological diseases in which the same pathways may be active.

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CIRCA is supported by the NSW Office of Health & Medical Research, the Bill and Patricia Ritchie Foundation, the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, Costco and the National Health and Medical Research Council.

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