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Solving a weighty problem: systematic review and meta-analysis of nutrition interventions in severe mental illness


BACKGROUND: Nutrition interventions would appear fundamental for weight management and cardiometabolic risk reduction in people experiencing severe mental illness (SMI). Comprehensive evaluation of nutrition interventions is lacking. AIMS: To subject randomised controlled trials of nutrition interventions in people with SMI to systematic review and meta-analysis, and to measure anthropometric and biochemical parameters and nutritional intake. METHOD: An electronic database search identified trials with nutrition intervention components. Trials were pooled for meta-analysis. Meta-regression analyses were performed on anthropometric moderators. RESULTS: Interventions led to significant weight loss (19 studies), reduced body mass index (17 studies), decreased waist circumference (10 studies) and lower blood glucose levels (5 studies). Dietitian-led interventions (6 studies) and studies delivered at antipsychotic initiation (4 studies) had larger effect sizes. CONCLUSIONS: Evidence supports nutrition interventions as standard care in preventing and treating weight gain among people experiencing SMI.

Type Journal
ISBN 1472-1465 (Electronic) 0007-1250 (Linking)
Authors Teasdale, S. B.; Ward, P. B.; Rosenbaum, S.; Samaras, K.; Stubbs, B.
Responsible Garvan Author Prof Katherine Samaras
Publisher Name British Journal Of Psychiatry
Published Date 2017-02-20
Published Volume 210
Published Issue 2
Published Pages 110-118
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1192/bjp.bp.115.177139
URL link to publisher's version
OpenAccess link to author's accepted manuscript version