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Partial amino acid sequence of osteocalcin from an extinct species of ratite bird


Osteocalcin the major gamma carboxyglutamic acid containing protein of vertebrate bone has been purified from the bones of a specimen of Pachyornis elephantopus, a species of the extinct class of New Zealand ratite birds, the moas. The sequence of the N-terminal region of moa osteocalcin was determined using gas phase N-terminal sequencing. The N-terminal sequences of the ostrich and rhea osteocalcins were also determined. Alignment of the N-terminal sequence of osteocalcin from the extinct moa against the osteocalcins of the extant ostrich, rhea and emu reveals the homology amongst the ratite species is greater than the homology with the chicken osteocalcin.

Type Journal
ISBN 0158-5231 (Print) 0158-5231 (Linking)
Authors Huq, N. L.; Tseng, A.; Chapman, G. E.
Publisher Name Biochem Int
Published Date 1990-01-01
Published Volume 21
Published Issue 3
Published Pages 491-6
Status Published in-print
URL link to publisher's version