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Meta-analysis and the science of research synthesis


Meta-analysis is the quantitative, scientific synthesis of research results. Since the term and modern approaches to research synthesis were first introduced in the 1970s, meta-analysis has had a revolutionary effect in many scientific fields, helping to establish evidence-based practice and to resolve seemingly contradictory research outcomes. At the same time, its implementation has engendered criticism and controversy, in some cases general and others specific to particular disciplines. Here we take the opportunity provided by the recent fortieth anniversary of meta-analysis to reflect on the accomplishments, limitations, recent advances and directions for future developments in the field of research synthesis.

Type Journal
ISBN 1476-4687 (Electronic) 0028-0836 (Linking)
Authors Gurevitch, J.; Koricheva, J.; Nakagawa, S.; Stewart, G.
Responsible Garvan Author (missing name)
Publisher Name NATURE
Published Date 2018-03-07
Published Volume 555
Published Issue 7695
Published Pages 175-182
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1038/nature25753
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