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Immunotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Shifting Prognostic Paradigms


Immune checkpoint inhibitors have shown efficacy in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in the adjuvant, first- and subsequent-line settings. In metastatic disease, they provide hope of durable response where “best-case” scenario has long been inadequate. This progress has highlighted the immunogenic nature of NSCLC and invigorated research into immunotherapy in the field. In this review we consider the foundations of immunotherapy in NSCLC, canvass the current research and summarise the evidence guiding clinical practice.

Type Journal
ISBN 2077-0383 (Print) 2077-0383 (Linking)
Authors Barnet, M. B.; Cooper, W. A.; Boyer, M. J.; Kao, S.
Responsible Garvan Author Megan Barnet
Publisher Name Journal of Clinical Medicine
Published Date 2018-06-15
Published Volume 7
Published Issue 6
Published Pages E151
Status Always Electronic
DOI 10.3390/jcm7060151
URL link to publisher's version