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Subcapsular Sinus Macrophages: The Seat of Innate and Adaptive Memory in Murine Lymph Nodes


Subcapsular sinus (SCS) macrophages are strategically positioned at the lymph–tissue interface in the lymph node to trap and present antigen to B cells. Recent murine data has shown that SCS macrophages also prevent the systemic spread of lymph-borne pathogens and are capable of activating a diverse range of innate effector and adaptive memory cells, including follicular memory T cells and memory B cells (Bmems), that are either pre-positioned or rapidly recruited to the subcapsular niche following infection and inflammation. Furthermore, Bmems are rapidly reactivated to differentiate into plasma cells in subcapsular proliferative foci (SPF). Thus, understanding how SCS macrophages coordinate both innate and adaptive memory responses in the subcapsular niche can provide new opportunities to bolster immunity against pathogens and cancer.

Type Journal
Authors Moran, I.; Grootveld, AK.; Nguyen, A.; Phan, TG.
Responsible Garvan Author Prof Tri Phan
Published Date 2019-01-01
Published Volume 1526
Published Issue 40
Published Pages 35-48
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1016/
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