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Human DOCK2 Deficiency: Report of a Novel Mutation and Evidence for Neutrophil Dysfunction


DOCK2 is a guanine-nucleotide-exchange factor for Rac proteins. Activated Rac serves various cellular functions including the reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton in lymphocytes and neutrophils and production of reactive oxygen species in neutrophils. Since 2015, six unrelated patients with combined immunodeficiency and early-onset severe viral infections caused by bi-allelic loss-of-function mutations in DOCK2 have been described. Until now, the function of phagocytes, specifically neutrophils, has not been assessed in human DOCK2 deficiency. Here, we describe a new kindred with four affected siblings harboring a homozygous splice-site mutation (c.2704-2 A > C) in DOCK2. The mutation results in alternative splicing and a complete loss of DOCK2 protein expression. The patients presented with leaky severe combined immunodeficiency or Omenn syndrome. The novel mutation affects EBV-B cell migration and results in NK cell dysfunction similar to previous observations. Moreover, both cytoskeletal rearrangement and reactive oxygen species production are partially impaired in DOCK2-deficient neutrophils.

Type Journal
ISBN 1573-2592 (Electronic) 0271-9142 (Linking)
Authors Moens, L.; Gouwy, M.; Bosch, B.; Pastukhov, O.; Nieto-Patlan, A.; Siler, U.; Bucciol, G.; Mekahli, D.; Vermeulen, F.; Desmet, L.; Maebe, S.; Flipts, H.; Corveleyn, A.; Moshous, D.; Philippet, P.; Tangye, S. G.; Boisson, B.; Casanova, J. L.; Florkin, B.; Struyf, S.; Reichenbach, J.; Bustamante, J.; Notarangelo, L. D.; Meyts, I.
Responsible Garvan Author Prof Stuart Tangye
Published Date 2019-04-01
Published Volume 39
Published Issue 3
Published Pages 298-308
Status Always Electronic
DOI 10.1007/s10875-019-00603-w
URL link to publisher's version