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Genomes of the wild beets Beta patula and Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima


We present draft genome assemblies of Beta patula, a critically endangered wild beet endemic to the Madeira archipelago, and of the closely related Beta vulgaris ssp. maritima (sea beet). Evidence-based reference gene sets for B. patula and sea beet were generated, consisting of 25 127 and 27 662 genes, respectively. The genomes and gene sets of the two wild beets were compared with their cultivated sister taxon B. vulgaris ssp. vulgaris (sugar beet). Large syntenic regions were identified, and a display tool for automatic genome-wide synteny image generation was developed. Phylogenetic analysis based on 9861 genes showing 1:1:1 orthology supported the close relationship of B. patula to sea beet and sugar beet. A comparative analysis of the Rz2 locus, responsible for rhizomania resistance, suggested that the sequenced B. patula accession was rhizomania susceptible. Reference karyotypes for the two wild beets were established, and genomic rearrangements were detected. We consider our data as highly valuable and comprehensive resources for wild beet studies, B. patula conservation management, and sugar beet breeding research.

Type Journal
ISBN 1365-313X (Electronic) 0960-7412 (Linking)
Authors Rodriguez Del Rio, A.; Minoche, A. E.; Zwickl, N. F.; Friedrich, A.; Liedtke, S.; Schmidt, T.; Himmelbauer, H.; Dohm, J. C.
Responsible Garvan Author (missing name)
Publisher Name PLANT JOURNAL
Published Date 2019-09-30
Published Volume 99
Published Issue 6
Published Pages 1242-1253
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1111/tpj.14413
URL link to publisher's version