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Lymphoma Driver Mutations in the Pathogenic Evolution of an Iconic Human Autoantibody


Pathogenic autoantibodies arise in many autoimmune diseases, but it is not understood how the cells making them evade immune checkpoints. Here, single-cell multi-omics analysis demonstrates a shared mechanism with lymphoid malignancy in the formation of public rheumatoid factor autoantibodies responsible for mixed cryoglobulinemic vasculitis. By combining single-cell DNA and RNA sequencing with serum antibody peptide sequencing and antibody synthesis, rare circulating B lymphocytes making pathogenic autoantibodies were found to comprise clonal trees accumulating mutations. Lymphoma driver mutations in genes regulating B cell proliferation and V(D)J mutation (CARD11, TNFAIP3, CCND3, ID3, BTG2, and KLHL6) were present in rogue B cells producing the pathogenic autoantibody. Antibody V(D)J mutations conferred pathogenicity by causing the antigen-bound autoantibodies to undergo phase transition to insoluble aggregates at lower temperatures. These results reveal a pre-neoplastic stage in human lymphomagenesis and a cascade of somatic mutations leading to an iconic pathogenic autoantibody.

Type Journal
ISBN 1097-4172 (Electronic) 0092-8674 (Linking)
Authors Singh, M.; Jackson, K. J. L.; Wang, J. J.; Schofield, P.; Field, M. A.; Koppstein, D.; Peters, T. J.; Burnett, D. L.; Rizzetto, S.; Nevoltris, D.; Masle-Farquhar, E.; Faulks, M. L.; Russell, A.; Gokal, D.; Hanioka, A.; Horikawa, K.; Colella, A. D.; Chataway, T. K.; Blackburn, J.; Mercer, T. R.; Langley, D. B.; Goodall, D. M.; Jefferis, R.; Gangadharan Komala, M.; Kelleher, A. D.; Suan, D.; Rischmueller, M.; Christ, D.; Brink, R.; Luciani, F.; Gordon, T. P.; Goodnow, C. C.; Reed, J. H.
Responsible Garvan Author Dr Joanne Reed
Publisher Name CELL
Published Date 2020-02-05
Published Volume 180
Published Issue 5
Published Pages 878-894 e19
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1016/j.cell.2020.01.029
URL link to publisher's version