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Extended clinical and immunological phenotype and transplant outcome in CD27 and CD70 deficiency


Biallelic mutations in the genes encoding CD27 or its ligand CD70 underlie inborn errors of immunity characterized predominantly by EBV-associated immune dysregulation, such as chronic viremia, severe infectious mononucleosis, hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), lymphoproliferation and malignancy. A comprehensive understanding of the natural history, immune characteristics and transplant outcomes has remained elusive. Here, in a multi-institutional global collaboration, we collected clinical information of 49 patients from 29 families (CD27 n=33, CD70 n=16), including 24 previously unreported individuals and identified a total of 16 distinct mutations in CD27, and 8 in CD70, respectively. The majority (90%) of patients were EBV+ at diagnosis, but only ~30% presented with infectious mononucleosis. Lymphoproliferation and lymphoma were the main clinical manifestations (70% and 43%, respectively), and 9 of the CD27-deficient patients developed HLH. Twenty-one (43%) patients developed autoinflammatory features including uveitis, arthritis and periodic fever. Detailed immunological characterization revealed aberrant generation of memory B and T cells, including a paucity of EBV-specific T cells, and impaired effector function of CD8+ T cells, thereby providing mechanistic insight into cellular defects underpinning the clinical features of disrupted CD27/CD70 signaling. Nineteen patients underwent allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) prior to adulthood predominantly because of lymphoma, with 95% survival without disease recurrence. Our data highlight the marked predisposition to lymphoma of both CD27- and CD70-deficient patients. The excellent outcome after HSCT supports the timely implementation of this treatment modality particularly in patients presenting with malignant transformation to lymphoma.

Type Journal
Authors S Ghosh, S Bal, ESJ Edwards, B Pillay, R Jimenez Heredia, F Cipe, G Rao, E Salzer, S Zoghi, H Abolhassani, T Momen, E Gostick, DA Price, Y Zhang, AJ Oler, C Gonzago-Jauregui, B Erman, A Metin, I Ilhan, S Haskologlu, C Islamoglu, K Baskin, S Ceylaner, E Yilmaz, E Unal, M Karakukcu, D Berghuis, T Cole, AK Gupta, F Hauck, AIM Hoepelman, S Baris, E Karakoc-Aydiner, A Ozen, L Kager, D Holzinger, M Paulussen, R Kruger, R Meisel, P Oommen, E Morris, B Neven, A Worth, J van Montfrans, PLA Fraaij, S Choo, F Dogu, EG Davies, S Burns, G Duckers, R Perez Becker, H von Bernuth, S Latour, M Faraci, M Gattorno, HC Su, Q Pan Hammarstrom, L Hammarstrom, MJ Lenardo, CS Ma, T Niehues, A Aghamohammadi, N Rezaei, A Ikinciogullari, SG Tangye, AC Lankester, K Boztug
Responsible Garvan Author Prof Stuart Tangye
Publisher Name BLOOD
Published Date 2020-12-31
Published Volume 136
Published Issue 23
Published Pages 2638-2655
Status Published in-print
DOI doi: 10.1182/blood.2020006738
URL link to publisher's version