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Human Genetics Society of Australasia Position Statement: Online DNA Testing


Increasingly, consumers have been able to seek DNA testing online to explore their personal genetic information. This increased access to a range of genomic tests has raised concerns among health professionals tasked with providing guidance and support to patients requiring genetic/genomic testing. Individuals will seek genomic testing for a range of purposes; equally, the medical marketplace offers a range of different test types. The Human Genetics Society of Australasia (HGSA) published their first statement on Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing (2012 PS02). This is a revised statement, which considers developments in the field of online DNA testing, including rapid technological changes, diversity of applications and decreasing costs of testing. It draws from the first empirical nationwide study (Genioz – Genomics: National Insights of Australians) and insights from consumers with experience of this technology. The rapid adoption of these tests and the broad range of potential consequences have informed perspectives within this statement. It is the position of the HGSA that both individuals/consumers and health care professionals/providers should be supported to make informed choices about online DNA testing. This means adequate and ongoing education and resources should be available for individuals/consumers and health care professionals/providers before, during and after testing. Health care professionals/providers should be appropriately trained, have relevant experience and should be able to demonstrate (or provide evidence of) a current certification in their field of practice. This statement was ratified at the 2018 HGSA Council Meeting and was recently reviewed in 2019 for consistency with other HGSA position statements.

Type Journal
ISBN 1832-4274
Authors Savard, Jacqueline; Terrill, Bronwyn; Dunlop, Kate; Samanek, Amanda; Metcalfe, Sylvia A.
Publisher Name Twin Research and Human Genetics
Published Date 2020-08-25
Published Volume 23
Published Issue 4
Published Pages 256-258
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1017/thg.2020.67
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OpenAccess link to author's accepted manuscript version