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Applications of personalised signalling network models in precision oncology


As our ability to provide in-depth, patient-specific characterisation of the molecular alterations within tumours rapidly improves, it is becoming apparent that new approaches will be required to leverage the power of this data and derive the full benefit for each individual patient. Systems biology approaches are beginning to emerge within this field as a potential method of incorporating large volumes of network level data and distilling a coherent, clinically-relevant prediction of drug response. However, the initial promise of this developing field is yet to be realised. Here we argue that in order to develop these precise models of individual drug response and tailor treatment accordingly, we will need to develop mathematical models capable of capturing both the dynamic nature of drug-response signalling networks and key patient-specific information such as mutation status or expression profiles. We also review the modelling approaches commonly utilised within this field, and outline recent examples of their use in furthering the application of systems biology for a precision medicine approach to cancer treatment.

Type Journal
ISBN 1879-016X (Electronic) 0163-7258 (Linking)
Authors Hastings, J. F.; O'Donnell, Y. E. I.; Fey, D.; Croucher, D. R.
Responsible Garvan Author A/Prof David Croucher
Published Date 2020-08-31
Published Volume 212
Published Pages 107555
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1016/j.pharmthera.2020.107555
URL link to publisher's version