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Squamous metaplasia of lactiferous ducts (SMOLD): an under-recognised entity


Breast abscesses are a common surgical problem, typically occurring secondary to lactation mastitis. Recurrent subareolar abscesses are rarely reported and may be poorly recognised as a presentation of squamous metaplasia of lactiferous ducts, known eponymously as 'Zuska's disease'. Other synonyms include subareolar breast abscess and lactiferous or mammary fistulas. Recognition of this painful entity is crucial for optimal outcomes since typical breast abscess management of recurrent aspiration or incision and drainage can lead to recurrence and chronic complications, such as fistula formation.

Type Journal
ISBN 1757-790X (Electronic) 1757-790X (Linking)
Authors Ofri, A.; Dona, E.; O'Toole, S.
Responsible Garvan Author Prof Sandra O'Toole
Publisher Name BMJ Case Rep
Published Date 2020-12-09
Published Volume 13
Published Issue 12
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1136/bcr-2020-237568
URL link to publisher's version