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Repair abilities of mouse autologous adipose-derived stem cells and ShakeGel3D complex local injection with intrauterine adhesion by BMP7-Smad5 signaling pathway activation


BACKGROUND: The objective was to explore the therapeutic effect of autologous adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) combined with ShakeGel3D transplantation to activate the BMP7-Smad5 signaling pathway to treat intrauterine adhesions (IUA). METHODS: Autologous ADSCs were isolated and then merged with ShakeGel3D. The IUA model was established by mechanical injury. The third generation of autologous ADSCs was injected directly into the uterus in combination with ShakeGel3D. After 7 days of treatment, endometrial morphology, number of endometrial glands, endometrial fibrosis area, and fibrosis biomarker analysis by RT-PCR and IHC were examined. BMP7 and phosphorylation of Smad5 were also detected, and the recovery of infertility function in treated mice was evaluated. RESULTS: Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) showed that autologous ADSCs expressed CD105 (99.1%), CD29 (99.6%), and CD73 (98.9%). Autologous ADSCs could still maintain a good growth state in ShakeGel3D. Histological examination revealed that the number of endometrial glands increased significantly, and the area of fibrosis decreased. At the same time, the expression of BMP7 and Smad5 in the ADSCs + Gel group was significantly upregulated, and the final reproductive function of this group was partly recovered. CONCLUSIONS: Autologous ADSCs can be used in combination with ShakeGel3D to maintain functionality and create a viable three-dimensional growth environment. The combined transplantation of autologous ADSCs and ShakeGel3D promotes the recovery of damaged endometrial tissue by increasing BMP7-Smad5 signal transduction, resulting in endometrium thickening, increased number of glands, and decreased fibrosis, leading to restoration of partial fertility.

Type Journal
ISBN 1757-6512 (Electronic) 1757-6512 (Linking)
Authors Zhao, Y. X.; Chen, S. R.; Huang, Q. Y.; Chen, W. C.; Xia, T.; Shi, Y. C.; Gao, H. Z.; Shi, Q. Y.; Lin, S.
Responsible Garvan Author A/Prof Yanchuan Shi
Publisher Name Stem Cell Research & Therapy
Published Date 2021-03-31
Published Volume 12
Published Issue 1
Published Pages 191
Status Published in-print
DOI 10.1186/s13287-021-02258-0
URL link to publisher's version