Research Team

Grey lab team - small
Left to right: Nathan Zammit, Nazanin Beyzaie, A/Prof Shane Grey, Stacey Walters, Daniele Cultrone and Suzanna Pilgrim

Principal Researchers 

Shane GreyA/Prof Shane Grey, Director - Functional Genomics of Type 1 Diabetes Complications
Garvan Institute of Medical Research


PHILIP O'CONNELLProf Philip O'Connell
Westmead Millennium Institute for Medical Research, The University of Sydney


STEPHEN ALEXANDERProf Stephen Alexander
The Children's Hospital at Westmead, The University of Sydney


Patrick CoatesDr Patrick Coates, Professor of Medicine 
The University of Adelaide & Royal Adelaide Hospital


David TorpyProf David Torpy
Royal Adelaide Hospital


Daniel HesseslonDr Daniel Hesselson
Garvan Institute of Medical Research


Greg NeelyDr Greg Neely
The University of Sydney


STEVEN CHADBANProf Steven Chadban
The University of Sydney


Thomas Daniel AndrewsDr Thomas Daniel Andrews
Australian National University


Matthew FieldMr Matthew Field 
Australian National University 


Female SilhouetteDr Sarah White
The University of Sydney