Visualisation and education


Garvan and the Weizmann Institute are working together to advance the wider understanding of genomics in the community, with a focus on molecular visualisation and education initiatives.

Building on existing expertise in virtual reality and biomedical animation, immersive visualisation experiences with broad appeal are being developed through the partnership.

The animations developed for these experiences weave storytelling and the tools of cinema, art and design, anchored by authentic scientific data, to blend multi resolution data and connect with the audience.


Our research explores models to support teachers’ meaningful usage of 3D molecular animations in Australian and Israeli middle and secondary schools. It brings together the extensive educational research experience of Prof. Anat Yarden and Prof. Ron Blonder and their respective research groups at the Weizmann Institute of Science with Garvan’s genomics education expertise with Ms Bronwyn Terrill. 3D molecular animations by Garvan’s Dr Kate Patterson forms the basis of this research and focus on DNA and genomics - related concepts covered in the animations.

Our research explores how teachers effectively implement videos and animations in their lesson plans. Read more in our Breakthrough article.

Cell Observatory

The Garvan-Weizmann Centre for Cellular Genomics is home to the Cell Observatory - a planetarium-style theatre designed to deeply engage people in the molecular landscape inside our cells.

Book a tour at Garvan to experience the molecular wonderland showcased in our Cell Observatory and become immersed inside a single cell through our virtual reality experiences.