The Lions Kids Cancer Genome Project

Genome Power logoEvery year in Australia, almost 800 kids are diagnosed with cancer, many of which are aggressive, hard to treat and with a high risk of mortality.

Although the survival rates have improved greatly for some cancers, others still take a heavy toll on our young people’s lives.

But now, with the help of scientific breakthroughs in genomics, we are taking these efforts to a whole new level.

The mission of the Lions Kids Cancer Genome Project, or what we like to call Genome Power, is to sequence the genomes from 400 kids with high risk, aggressive cancers.

The information gained will be provided to doctors to better target treatments. So each child will get precision treatment that matches their tumour. The right treatment for the right cancer at the right time. For the first time, we have the science to achieve this goal.

The Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation and Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF) have committed $3.2 million to fund the genome sequencing of 400 children with high risk cancers in Australia over three years.

An additional $800,000 needs to be raised to fulfil the project. This funding will enable Garvan to work with the Children’s Cancer Institute to undertake the sequencing, analysis and the creation of a database which can be used by researchers and doctors worldwide. It could help kids everywhere have a better chance of a healthy life.

How you can join the fight

This initiative is not something that will happen sometime in the future. It starts today: the science and technology are available now. The doctors are waiting. And most importantly, our kids’ lives depend on it.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Raise funds in your community. It may be a BBQ or one of the many other ways that you can engage your community. Visit to set up your fundraising page
  • Make a direct donation online at
  • Or send a cheque to:
    • Garvan Research Foundation – Lions Kids Cancer Genome Project
      384 Victoria St
      NSW 2010
  • Call us on 1300 73 66 77 (8am to 5pm AEST)


CCRF Lions logo

The Lions Kids Cancer Genome Project (Genome Power) is a joint initiative of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, the Lions Clubs International Foundation and the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation. Genome Power will be supporting Australia’s national personalised medicine program for childhood cancer – the Zero Childhood Cancer Program, led by Children’s Cancer Institute and the Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick. In its first three years, Genome Power will provide whole genome sequencing and analysis for 400 children with high-risk cancer in Australia who will be enrolled in the Zero Childhood Cancer Program