Participating in Hope Research

The Hope Research team will use a network of doctors across Sydney’s major hospitals to recruit adult patients with autoimmune disease over a period of four years.

Participants in the research program will (in most cases) be referred by their treating physician or specialist. For example, a clinical immunologist or rheumatologist.

Please note: this is a broad research study, which aims to identify the cause of autoimmune disease. The program itself does not involve drug trials or clinical interventions.


You can participate in Hope Research if you have recently been diagnosed with one of the 36 autoimmune diseases and not yet received treatment. Please talk to your specialist, or contact the Hope Research team for more information:

What’s involved?

Participants in this study will be asked to donate 51mL of blood, at the hospital where they were recruited.

For common disorders (e.g. Sjögren's syndrome, type 1 diabetes) recruitment of the participant will likely be complete within a year. For rare disorders, recruiting may take up to four years.

As Hope Research progresses, more diseases could be included in the program.