How you can help


The Hope Research program can’t be completed without additional financial support.
Please invest in the future health of your family, and all families affected by autoimmune diseases.

How you can help

icon-bug.pngInvest in a disease module

icon-list.pngFund participants in Hope Research

icon-microscope.pngCreate a Named Fellowship for a key researcher

icon-give.pngOr make a donation.

The research team require $20 million over five years to make radical change in autoimmune disease. This means:

  • $500,000 for each disease module (40 patients for four years), or
  • $12,500 per participant per four-year period.

Any donation, no matter how large or small, will help us bring about change for all with autoimmune disease. Supporting Hope Research is the best way to find new treatments and, we believe, an eventual cure for autoimmune disease.

If you would like to discuss donation or investment opportunities, please contact:
Ms Mara-Jean Tilley, Director of the Garvan Research Foundation
Phone: (02) 9295 8513