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U-Shaped Association of Plasma Testosterone, and no Association of Plasma Estradiol, with Incidence of Fractures in Men
Yeap, B. B.; Alfonso, H.; Chubb, S. A. P.; Center, J. R.; Beilin, J.; Hankey, G. J.; Almeida, O. P.; Golledge, J.; Norman, P. E.; Flicker, L.
JOURNAL OF CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY & METABOLISM 105 (5) 2020 10.1210/clinem/dgaa115
AMPK activation induces mitophagy and promotes mitochondrial fission while activating TBK1 in a PINK1-Parkin independent manner
Seabright, A. P.; Fine, N. H. F.; Barlow, J. P.; Lord, S. O.; Musa, I.; Gray, A.; Bryant, J. A.; Banzhaf, M.; Lavery, G. G.; Hardie, D. G.; Hodson, D. J.; Philp, A.; Lai, Y. C. EPUB
FASEB JOURNAL 34 (5) :6284-6301, 2020 10.1096/fj.201903051R
Assessment of the value of tumor variation profiling perceived by patients with cancer
Butow, P.; Davies, G.; Napier, C. E.; Schlub, T.; Best, M. C.; Bartley, N.; Juraskova, I.; Meiser, B.; Ballinger, M. L.; Biesecker, B.; Goldstein, D.; Thomas, D. M.; PiGeOn, Project
JAMA Network Open 3 (5) :e204721, 2020 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.4721
Frequency of pathogenic germline variants in cancer-susceptibility genes in patients with osteosarcoma
Mirabello, L.; Zhu, B.; Koster, R.; Karlins, E.; Dean, M.; Yeager, M.; Gianferante, M.; Spector, L. G.; Morton, L. M.; Karyadi, D.; Robison, L. L.; Armstrong, G. T.; Bhatia, S.; Song, L.; Pankratz, N.; Pinheiro, M.; Gastier-Foster, J. M.; Gorlick, R.; de Toledo, S. R. C.; Petrilli, A. S.; Patino-Garcia, A.; Lecanda, F.; Gutierrez-Jimeno, M.; Serra, M.; Hattinger, C.; Picci, P.; Scotlandi, K.; Flanagan, A. M.; Tirabosco, R.; Amary, M. F.; Kurucu, N.; Ilhan, I. E.; Ballinger, M. L.; Thomas, D. M.; Barkauskas, D. A.; Mejia-Baltodano, G.; Valverde, P.; Hicks, B. D.; Zhu, B.; Wang, M.; Hutchinson, A. A.; Tucker, M.; Sampson, J.; Landi, M. T.; Freedman, N. D.; Gapstur, S.; Carter, B.; Hoover, R. N.; Chanock, S. J.; Savage, S. A.
JAMA Oncology 6 (5) :724-734, 2020 10.1001/jamaoncol.2020.0197
Direct evidence for transport of RNA from the mouse brain to the germline and offspring
O'Brien, E. A.; Ensbey, K. S.; Day, B. W.; Baldock, P. A.; Barry, G.
BMC Biology 18 (1) :45, 2020 10.1186/s12915-020-00780-w
Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying defective antibody responses.
Deenick, E.K.; Lau, A.; Bier, J.; Kane, A.
IMMUNOLOGY AND CELL BIOLOGY 98 (6) :467-479, 2020
Oxysterols: From Physiological Tuners to Pharmacological Opportunities
Brown, A. J.; Sharpe, L. J.; Rogers, M. J.
Acute illness in patients with concomitant Addison's disease and type 1 diabetes mellitus: Increased incidence of hypoglycaemia and adrenal crises
Mortimer, B.; Naganur, V. D.; Satouris, P.; Greenfield, J. R.; Torpy, D. J.; Rushworth, R. L.
CLINICAL ENDOCRINOLOGY 93 (2) :104-110, 2020 10.1111/cen.14219
Refractory very early-onset inflammatory bowel disease associated with cytosolic isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase deficiency: A case report.
Fagbemi, A., Newman, WG., Tangye, SG., Hughes, SM., Cheesman. E., Arkwright,PD.
WORLD JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY 26 (15) :1841-1846, 2020 10.3748/wjg.v26.i15.1841
Fine wine or sour grapes? A systematic review and meta-analysis of the impact of red wine polyphenols on vascular health
Weaver, S. R.; Rendeiro, C.; McGettrick, H. M.; Philp, A.; Lucas, S. J. E.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUTRITION :online, 2020 10.1007/s00394-020-02247-8
Multiple links between 5-methylcytosine content of mRNA and translation
Schumann, U.; Zhang, H. N.; Sibbritt, T.; Pan, A.; Horvath, A.; Gross, S.; Clark, S. J.; Yang, L.; Preiss, T.
BMC Biology 18 (1) :40, 2020 10.1186/s12915-020-00769-5
Loss-of-function of the long non-coding RNA A830019P07Rik in mice does not affect insulin expression and secretion
Guay, C.; Abdulkarim, B.; Tan, J. Y.; Dubuis, G.; Rutti, S.; Ross Laybutt, D.; Widmann, C.; Regazzi, R.; Marques, A. C.
Scientific Reports 10 (1) :6413, 2020 10.1038/s41598-020-62969-x
Tumor-associated macrophages and macrophage-related immune checkpoint expression in sarcomas
Dancsok, A. R.; Gao, D.; Lee, A. F.; Steigen, S. E.; Blay, J. Y.; Thomas, D. M.; Maki, R. G.; Nielsen, T. O.; Demicco, E. G.
Oncoimmunology 9 (1) :1747340, 2020 10.1080/2162402X.2020.1747340
PGC1alpha Controls Sucrose Taste Sensitization in Drosophila
Wang, Q. P.; Lin, Y. Q.; Lai, M. L.; Su, Z.; Oyston, L. J.; Clark, T.; Park, S. J.; Khuong, T. M.; Lau, M. T.; Shenton, V.; Shi, Y. C.; James, D. E.; Ja, W. W.; Herzog, H.; Simpson, S. J.; Neely, G. G.
Cell Reports 31 (1) :107480, 2020 10.1016/j.celrep.2020.03.044
Clinical and genomic insights into circulating tumor DNA-based alterations across the spectrum of metastatic hormone-sensitive and castrate-resistant prostate cancer
Kohli, M.; Tan, W.; Zheng, T.; Wang, A.; Montesinos, C.; Wong, C.; Du, P.; Jia, S.; Yadav, S.; Horvath, L. G.; Mahon, K. L.; Kwan, E. M.; Fettke, H.; Yu, J.; Azad, A. A.
EBioMedicine 54 :102728, 2020 10.1016/j.ebiom.2020.102728