Beta Cell Regeneration

Beta Cell Regeneration

Pancreatic beta-cells secrete insulin to regulate energy utilization throughout the body.  This critical cell-type is destroyed (type 1) or insufficient (type 2) in the common forms of diabetes.  A major focus of our work is to devise strategies for beta-cell regeneration. 

We use genetic, pharmacological and high resolution imaging approaches in zebrafish to provide proof-of-principle for new therapeutic strategies. Together with other groups at Garvan we are taking drugs identified in high-throughput zebrafish screens into validated pre-clinical disease models for further testing.

In addition, we are interested in identifying and then modulating dysregulated pathways that are shared between diabetes and neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson's disease.


Download and listen to the latest ABC news story - "Parkinson's disease replicated in zebrafish leads scientists to uncover life-improving drugs", April 2017

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