Dr Stephanie Hesselson

Visiting Scientist

Research Officer

I received my education from the University of Wisconsin - Madison where I searched for human genes that increase a women’s risk of developing breast cancer. We used loci that increased mammary tumour number in rats as a guide to look for human risk alleles and found two human alleles in the region of the genome homologous to our rat QTL that were associated with breast cancer risk.

My postdoctoral research was conducted at UCSF. I was involved in many different projects studying the role of genes in human complex diseases. Most notably we observed an association between polymorphisms in TRA@ and Narcolepsy in a GWAS suggesting a role of the immune system in narcolepsy. In addition I was involved in the ethnic specific design of 4 Affimetrix SNP arrays and oversaw the genotyping of over 100,000 individuals from the Kaiser Permanente Research Program on Genes, Environment and Health (RPGEH) on these ancestry specific arrays.

Research Interests

Human Genetics
Genetic Basis of Complex Diseases

Awards and Honours

Training Grant, CVRI, UCSF (2007-2010)
Predoctoral Fellowship, DOD Breast Cancer Research Program (2004 – 2007)
Training Grant, Oncology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2002-2004)
Training Grant, Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2001-2002)
Phi Beta Kappa (1998)


Ph.D., Genetics/ 2006/ University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
B.S., Zoology/ 1999 /University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Selected Publications

Johnson CO, Lemaitre RN, Fahrenbruch CE, Hesselson S, Sotoodehnia N, McKnight B, Rice KM, Kwok PY, Siscovick DS, Rea TD. Common variation in fatty acid genes and resuscitation from sudden cardiac arrest. (2011) Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics. 5(4):422-9.

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Clinical Pharmacolology and Therapeutics. 90(5):674-84.

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Dr Stephanie Hesselson