Prostate cancer resources


Cancer Australia
Prostate cancer information from the national government agency working to reduce the impact of cancer on all Australians.
Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia
Dedicated to reducing the impact of prostate cancer on Australian men, their partners and families, recognising the diversity of the Australian community.
Australian Prostate Cancer Research
Australian Prostate Cancer Research supports men living with prostate cancer by providing best practice, research validated models of care and treatment, and facilitates research to find a cure.
Prostate Cancer Institute
The Prostate Cancer Institute provides advice and offers treatment options for those diagnosed with prostate cancer.
Movember Foundation
The Movember Foundation is uniquely placed to address men's health issues at a global level. They help raise funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health.


Prostate cancer & better treatment options
Garvan's Prof Vanessa Hayes discusses her work matching the right prostate cancer treatment to the right patient. Using a 'treatment bucket' approach, a lot of unnecessary or invasive treatments may be avoided.
3 Minute Thesis: Illuminating Prostate Cancer treatment decisions
Anton Kalsbeek from the Genomics and Epigenetics Division, Garvan Institute of Medical Research presenting "Illuminating Prostate Cancer treatment decisions" at the St Vincent’s Precinct 3 Minute Thesis
Professor Vanessa Hayes - Petre Foundation Chair of Prostate Cancer
Professor Vanessa Hayes assumed the inaugural Petre Foundation Chair of Prostate Cancer in January 2014. She heads a Human Comparative and Prostate Cancer Genomics lab at Garvan. Vanessa generated the first complete personalised human DNA sequences (human genomes) for Africa, namely South African and Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and !Gubi, a Kalahari Bushman from Namibia.


Key support for Garvan’s cancer research in 2018 and beyond
Garvan researchers are thrilled to be among the recipients of grants in recently announced funding schemes from the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Cancer Australia.
How genes drive prostate cancer: all in the packaging?
Garvan researchers have shown that a unique protein, H2A.Z, which packages DNA in cells, may drive the progression of prostate cancer.
Mapping the genome of prostate cancer uncovers a new world of DNA rearrangements
Researchers have ‘mapped’ the entire genome of a prostate tumour, revealing previously undetected levels of DNA rearrangements. The findings, from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, provide an entirely new lens through which to view prostate cancer – and could one day be used to help characterise an individual’s prostate tumour.
Enhancing prostate cancer prognosis at the micro level
It is now widely acknowledged that ‘non-coding’ genes known as microRNAs play a big role in cancer, through their mechanical regulation of other genes. In a three-year study, Garvan researchers have identified one microRNA, in particular, that is strongly associated with prostate cancer prognosis.
Inaugural grant funds simultaneous breast and prostate cancer research
The Movember Foundation and National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) have awarded the inaugural ‘Breast & Prostate Cancer Linkage Grant’ to an innovative, Australia-led international research project including Garvan researchers.
New prostate cancer marker helps identify men whose cancer is likely to spread
Prostate cancer researchers at Sydney’s Garvan Institute found a new marker for identifying aggressive prostate cancers.
Prostate cancer research fellow awarded clinical excellence award
At the annual St Vincent’s Clinic Foundation Awards held on 17 September, Dr James Thompson was the recipient of the Foundation award for clinical excellence for a junior medical officer/registrar.
How Garvan tall poppy searches for prostate cancer gene
Dr Vanessa Hayes, head of the Cancer Genetics Group at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, has received a prestigious New South Wales Young Tall Poppy Science Award in recognition of her research in prostate cancer.
Study shows that prostate cancer increases the risk of bone fracture
As unlikely as it sounds, scientists at Garvan have shown that there is a link between prostate cancer and a higher risk of bone fracture. Their study suggests that men with prostate cancer face a 50% higher risk of fracture, which increases to nearly 100% if they are receiving androgen deprivation therapy for their prostate cancer.
Garvan led team wins prestigious prostate cancer award
An international team, led by Professor Peter Croucher from Garvan, today received one of two 2014 Movember Revolutionary Team Awards from the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).