Lung cancer real lives

Sue McCullough

In mid-2002 Sue McCullough, had a really bad case of flu. Sue is also diabetic and because she began vomiting blood she was admitted to Hornsby Hospital.

‘I was told I should have a CT scan because there was concern that I may have damaged my lungs.

Because I’d been so ill, it was a while before my GP sent me to get a CT. It showed a lump, but the respiratory specialist said it was nothing to worry about. I was a 49-year-old, quite healthy non-smoker, but I had lost about 10 kilos in the last six months,’ said Sue.

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At 43 Zoey* had always been careful about her diet and taking the time to jog or exercise. Then she became too busy at work and her routine was disrupted. ‘I was so busy that I didn’t care about what I was eating, I didn’t have time for exercise and had less sleep,’ said Zoey.

Zoey began feeling pain whenever she raised her right arm and had a mild cough and colds. ‘I had been going to the GP almost every week for about a month, but then my condition worsened with shortness of breath and the pain got worse, especially when I coughed and even when I laughed.’

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