Lupus resources


Lupus Association of NSW
Works towards a world without lupus and associated connective tissue diseases through support, education and research into a cure.
ASCIA (Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy)
ASCIA is the peak professional body of clinical immunology and allergy in Australia.
National Resource Centre on Lupus (US)
The Lupus Foundation of America is devoted to solving the mystery of lupus, while supporting those living with the disease.


Rogue cells at root of autoimmune disease
Breakthrough cellular genomics technology has allowed Garvan and UNSW Sydney researchers to reveal genetic mutations causing rogue behaviour in the cells that cause autoimmune disease.
New drug target for autoimmune disease
A newly identified immune pathway could be altered with existing medication to treat autoimmune disease.
Garvan findings influence final approval of new lupus drug
Findings in Professor Fabienne Mackay’s lab helped influence the final direction and success of clinical trials for the drug belimumab.
Hope grows: finding the cause of autoimmune disease
Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis... all caused by the same disease process – autoimmunity. Garvan’s Hope Research project is looking for the root cause.
Have we uncovered a new form of lupus?
Findings published in the July edition of the prestigious Journal of Experimental Medicine may offer new hope to people suffering from a previously unsuspected form of lupus.
How the immune system keeps ‘traitor cells’ in lockdown
Researchers have uncovered how our immune system strikes a balance between attacking invaders and leaving our own tissues alone.


Targeting rogue clones: hope for autoimmune disease
Dr Joanne Reed talks about her research in autoimmunity, and specifically targeting the rogue clone cells that may cause diseases like lupus, Sjögren's syndrome, type 1 diabetes and more.

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