Neglected cancers recent advances

Recent advances and current obstacles

Recent treatment advances

Recent advances in medical research have led to a shift in understanding the molecular and immunological biology of cancers, leading in turn to the creation of new therapies. Many treatments developed in common cancers have also been shown to work in uncommon cancers. At the same time, we no longer have to think about cancers in terms of where the cancer is and can treat patients according to their genetic features.

Targeted treatments aim to restrict tumour growth and immunotherapies look to stimulate our immune responses to destroy tumours.  For the first time, we have a real opportunity to improve the outcomes for patients with less common, high-mortality cancers across Australia.

Barriers to improved outcomes

Although this kind of genomic cancer research is making great progress, research into high-mortality cancers is unfortunately underfunded compared with breast, prostate and bowel cancer research.

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