Obesity resources


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Starve to survive (TED)
Prof Katherine Samaras discusses the source of obesity in our genes, and considers how we might address the epidemic.
Epigenetics & environment: impact on obesity and metabolic disorder
Dr Stephen Bradford discusses the epigenome in metabolic disease & obesity.
Dodging the diabetes and obesity bullet
Professor Katherine Samaras gives a ‘cooks tour’ of diabetes and obesity.
What makes us gain weight: genes vs environment
Professor Jerry Greenfield discusses the complex interplay of genetics and obesity.


When we exercise, our muscles and other organs communicate via ‘vesicles’
Exercise allows the body’s tissues to communicate with each other using tiny protein-filled packages known as vesicles.
Your microbiome and prediabetes: trust your gut
Dr Dorit Samocha-Bonet is discovering how your microbiome could hold the key to blood sugar regulation.
Deciphering dangerous messages from fat
Did you know that fat sends messages to the immune system that can affect our risk of diabetes and other diseases?
Brown fat keeps blood sugar in check
Brown fat – a special type of fat that burns energy to keep us warm – may also help to keep blood sugar steady in adults.