Osteoporosis resources

Osteoporosis resources


Australian Institute of Musculoskeletal Science (AIMSS)
AIMSS is a collaborative institute for research into disorders of bone, muscle and joint and the promotion of disease prevention and evidence-based interventions including exercise and nutrition.
International Osteoporosis Foundation
IOF functions as a global alliance of patient societies, research organizations, healthcare professionals and international companies working to promote bone, muscle and joint health.
Osteoporosis Australia
Osteoporosis Australia aims to improve awareness about the disease in the Australian community and reduce bone fractures.


90 second explainer video
Website and risk calculator
News story: Know Your Bones reaches milestone – and scoops national award
Know Your Bones, an online bone health self-assessment tool established by Garvan and Osteoporosis Australia, reached 50,000 website visits this month, and received a Highly Commended award at the prestigious National PRIA Golden Target awards.
News story: Know Your Bones: new online bone health assessment tool launches
Garvan and Osteoporosis Australia are today delighted to announce the launch of Know Your Bones, a freely available online tool that helps consumers to understand their own risk of bone fracture.


The Dubbo Osteoporosis Epidemiology Study: how Garvan's research is changing clinical practice
The Skeleton: Use it or Lose it..!
Garvan’s Prof Peter Croucher
Diseases That Affect Us As We Age – Osteoporosis
Garvan’s Prof John Eisman
Osteoporosis - How Fragile Are You?
Garvan’s Prof Jacqueline Center
From Dubbo to Darlo
Garvan’s Dr Yvonne Selecki
3 Minute Thesis: Skeletal Marriage Counselling
Garvan PhD student Scott Youlten
Bendy and Brittle Bones
Garvan’s Dr Paul Baldock


New Osteoporosis National Action Plan sets out vision to tackle major national health issue
Action Plan calls for national strategy for research into curing osteoporosis and to combat the burden of fractures.
Outwitting the ‘silent thief’: how clues in our genes could help prevent osteoporotic fracture
In a world first, new Australian research has revealed that genetic profiling can help predict whether an individual will break a bone through osteoporosis. The findings, which arise from Australia’s globally recognised Dubbo Osteoporosis Epidemiology Study, are likely to contribute to clinical decision-making in future, bringing us one step closer to personalised medicine for bone disease.
Australians across the generations at risk with weak understanding of osteoporosis
New bone alliance seeks to strengthen knowledge and drive positive change.
Major study identifies 150 new genetic sites that affect fracture risk
An international research team has identified over 150 new sites in the human genome that are linked to low bone mineral density and to an increased risk of fracture.


Osteoporosis: driving action through awareness