Type 1 diabetes real lives

Susan Czernich

Since her diagnosis in 1975, Susan Czernich’s life has been impacted by the disease. Susan underwent islet cell transplantation and the results have been nothing short of astounding.

As a hairdresser in a busy salon, Susan often skipped meals — resulting in many ‘hypo’ episodes (hypoglycaemia – when blood sugar levels drop too low). She was also vulnerable to infection, using up her sick leave and having to take unpaid leave.

‘Islet cell transplantation has given me my life back.’

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Melissa Green

At age 25, the wonderful news that she was pregnant was clouded by a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Sadly the effects of uncontrolled diabetes went on to cost Melissa the life of her first baby.

15 years after her diagnosis, Melissa and her husband have three children and she uses long-acting and short-acting insulin to control her diabetes. While she still has hypoglycaemic episodes, they are only occasional and are manageable.

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