Centre staff

Centre staff

Joseph Powell  

Head: Garvan-Weizmann Centre for Cellular Genomics.

Our focus is to demonstrate the genomic mechanisms by which loci contribute to complex human diseases, and working towards early stage diagnosis methods and targeted therapeutics.

Melissa Armstrong
Technical Specialist

Chia-Ling Chan
Molecular Specialist

Nona Farbehi
Single Cell Specialist

Dominik Kaczorowski
Molecular Specialist / Developer, Clinical Genomics

Eric Lam
Flow Cytometry Specialist

Wenyan Li
Development Cytometrist

Uyen Nguyen
Technical Specialist

Hira Saeed
Technical Specialist / Sorter Operator

Angela Yin
Development Bioinformatician

Vikkitharan Gnanasambandapillai
Research Officer

Mubarika Tyebally
Molecular Technician

Omid Faridani
Group Leader

Naushad Moti
Technical Specialist - Cell Sorting