Single-Cell Omics Network (SCON)

A collaborative effort to foster and support research on single-cell projects.

We are a community of researchers around Sydney who strive to improve the quality of research through discussions of all forms of single-cell modalities, whether it be wet-lab methodologies or computational analyses. 

We aim to have monthly meetings where researchers get a chance to present their work, discuss shared challenges and solutions, and evaluate papers and technologies related to the single-cell field. 

Occasionally, research leaders will come and give a talk on their work. We hope to create a friendly round table where everyone can discuss any ideas or problems they have.

Everyone is welcome.

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Upcoming events

First meeting: Thursday 19 September 2019 

We would like to invite you to attend our first SCON meeting:

  • Thursday 19 September at 3PM.
  • Seminar Room 200, level 11, the Kinghorn Cancer Centre, 370 Victoria St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Our invited speaker for this meeting is Dr Helen McGuire:

  • Research Associate at the Ramaciotti Facility for Human Systems Biology Sydney Medical School: Pathology. Australasian Society for Immunology; NSW Councillor Australasian Cytometry Society Treasurer; ISAC Marylou Ingram Scholar.
  • Dr Helen McGuire is a Senior Research Fellow at the Ramaciotti Facility for Human Systems Biology (RFHSB), an initiative established in 2013 to support the development of mass cytometry within NSW. Her research focus and interests lie in the clinical application of immunological studies to a range of human diseases, and she is particularly passionate about applying recent technological advances such as mass cytometry. Having extensively researched in this area, she is highly regarded for her expertise in utilising mass cytometry for clinical profiling. She coordinates collaborative projects within RFHSB across many diverse clinical applications. Collaborators span groups local to the University of Sydney campus and beyond.

Scones, jam, cream and tea will be provided.




Seminar room 1197, Level 11 
The Kinghorn Cancer Centre
370 Victoria St 
Darlinghurst NSW 2010 

Contact us

For general enquiries, or to be added on the SCON mailing list, please email:

  • Dr Seyhan Yazar - Senior Research Officer, Computational Genomics Laboratory
  • Ghamdan Al-Eryani - PhD student, Tumour Progression Laboratory
  • Jose Alquicira Hernandez - PhD student, Computational Genomics Laboratory