Services & technology

Flow cytometry

The Garvan Flow Facility provides excellent cytometry services as well as expert knowledge in the field of cytometry. As an integral part of the GWCCG, the Flow Facility strives to expand its technological capabilities by supporting single cell technologies and also expanding in high dimensional cytometry using cutting edge instrumentation such as the BD FACSymphony.

These services can be booked at Garvan Flow Facility:

  • Flow analysers (Becton Dickinson (BD) LSR Fortessa, BD LSRII SORP, 2x Beckman Coulter (BC) Cytoflex, BD FACS CantoII,)
  • Flow sorters (BDFACS AriaIIu, 2x BD FACS AriaIII)
  • High Dimension Flow Analyser (BD FACSymphony A5)
  • Bulk Cell Enrichment (Miltenyi AutoMACS Pro)
  • Tissue Dissociator (Miltenyi gentleMACS OctoDissociator with temperature control)
  • Agilent 4200 Tapestation
  • Pre-PCR, library prep & Post-PCR Workbays
  • Next Gen Sequencing (Illumina NextSeq, MiSeq and NovaSeq)

Bespoke projects 

The following services require multiple technology steps and coordinated on a project specific basis. We initially gather information to plan and design the experiments via a project form, which can be obtained by emailing

We currently offer the following techniques as a part of our single cell transcriptomics suite:

  • 3’ single cell RNA-seq (V3, Chromium platform)
  • 3’ single cell RNA-seq (Drop-seq)
  • 5’ V(DJ)
  • CITE-seq
  • Single cell ATACMARS-seq
  • SMART-Seq2
  • Single cell Copy Number Variation (CNV)
  • Cell antibody hashing and genetic barcoding-based multiplexing for scRNA-seq
  • NGS Sequencing of single cell libraries (MiSeq, NextSeq, NovaSeq)
  • High dimension flow analyser panel development (BD FACS Symphony).

Fees for services

Fees for services cover staff costs, reagents purchased by the facility to run a service, consumables, service contracts, updates of minor laboratory equipment.

Please email us if you require costings: