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Cytometry and Genomics Core Facilities

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Welcome to the GWCCG Core Facilites

Thank you for your interest in our facility. We are here to guide you in best possible way to ensure that the desired results are achieved with all our capabilities.

The Centre is here to help with all your flow cytometry and single cell genomics research needs. The flow facility provides flow cytometry services for analyzing and sorting of cells, as well as training and expert consultation for experiment planning. We are equipped with 3 Cell sorters, 5 analyzers, 1 Automacs, and 3 data analysis stations. 

The molecular facility provides state-of-the-art 10x genomics expert services on a variety of platforms, cDNA and Library preparations, sequencing and data analysis from expert bioinformaticians. 


GWCCG Core Facility Molecular Services

The GWCCG Molecular Services provides state-of-the-art advanced single cell platforms and has become the only 10x Reference Site. The facility provides services in single cell Immuno-profiling, ATAC sequencing, and more recently, Multiomics (ATAC+RNA Sequencing). The centre also specialises in measuring total mRNA in intact tissue sections - a technology called, Visium Spatial Gene Expression.

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GWCCG Core Facility Flow Services

The GWCCG Flow Services provides excellent cytometry services as well as expert consultation in the field of cytometry. As an integral part of the GWCCG, the Flow Facility strives to expand its technological capabilities by supporting both internal and external researchers on single cell sorting technologies and more recently, expanding services and knowledge in multi-parametric flow cytometry using BD Symphony.

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What We DO

  • Cell Sorting
  • Cell Analysis
  • Data Analysis
  • Extensive Training on Bench-Top Analysers
  • Experiment Design & Interpretation

Why Should You Use Us

  • 10+ Years of Experienced Staff
  • A Friendly & Professional Environment
  • Thorough Quality Controlled Labs
  • Reliable, Dependable and Flexible Staff
  • Ask Our Users at GWCCG and Outside


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