As modern biological experimental methods deliver data of increasing volume and complexity, researchers are becoming overwhelmed and increasingly unable to fully benefit from potential insights and advances in understanding that may be buried within data.

The Biodata Visualisation team focuses on developing methods and tools that help life scientists exploit these large datasets to gain insight into underlying biological and biomedical processes. We also use data visualisation to communicate complex science to the general public via biomedical animations.


Selected Publications

DKG Ma, C Stolte, S Kaur, M Bain, and SI O'Donoghue. Visual analytics of the insulin signalling pathway using phosphorylation time profiles. In Proceedings of the 2013 International Symposium on Computational Models for Life Sciences (CMLS-13), Sydney, Australia. AIP Conference Proceedings 1559:185-96.

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SI O'Donoghue, H Horn, M Kuhn, E Pafilis, LJ Jensen, & R Schneider.
Reflect: a practical approach to web semantics. J. Web Semantics 2010; 8:182-189.

SI O'Donoghue, DS Goodsell, AS Frangakis, F Jossinet, R Laskowski, M Nilges, HR Saibil, A Schafferhans, R Wade, E Westhof, & AJ Olson. Visualization of macromolecular structures. Nature Methods 2010; 7:S42-S55.

SI O'Donoghue, A-C Gavin, N Gehlenborg, DS Goodsell, J-K Hériché, CB Nielsen, C North, AJ Olson, JB Procter, DW Shattuck, T Walter, & B Wong.
Visualizing biological data - now and in the future.  Nature Methods 2010; 7:S2-S4.

J Marji, SI O'Donoghue, D McClintock, VP Satagopam, R Schneider, D Ratner, HJ Worman, LB Gordon, & K Djabali. Defective lamin A-Rb signaling in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome and reversal by farnesyltransferase inhibition.
PLoS One 2010; 5:e11132.

N Gehlenborg, SI O'Donoghue, NS Baliga, A Goesmann, MA Hibbs, H Kitano, O Kohlbacher, H Neuweger, R Schneider, D Tenenbaum, & A-C Gavin.
Visualization of omics data for systems biology. Nature Methods 2010; 7:S56-S68.

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Reflect: augmented browsing for the life scientist. Nature Biotechnology 2009; 27:308-310.

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Arena 3D: visualization of biological networks in 3D. BMC Systems Biology 2008; 2:104.

R Altman, CM Bergman, J Blake, C Blaschke, A Cohen, F Gannon, L Grivell, U Hahn, W Hersh, L Hirschman, LJ Jensen, M Krallinger, B Mons, SI O'Donoghue, M Peitsch, D Rebholz-Schuhmann, H Shatkay, & A Valencia.
Text mining for biology - the way forward: opinions from leading scientists. Genome Biology 2008; 9:S7.

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Role of Mnemonics and virtual reality in visualizing genomics and proteomics data. In Bioinformatics and Genomics: Current Perspectives (ed. MA Andrade), 185-196, Horizon Scientific Press, Wymondham, UK (2003).

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Comparison of ARM and HEAT repeat proteins.  J. Mol. Biol. 2001; 309:1-18.

MA Andrade, SI O'Donoghue, & B Rost. Adaptation of protein surfaces to subcellular location.
J. Mol. Biol. 1998; 276:517-525.

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