Dr Elena Zotenko

Senior Research Officer

Elena’s background is in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. The richness and complexity of computational problems in the biological domain fascinated her from the very beginning of her academic career. During her PhD she worked on problems related to protein structure and protein-protein interaction networks. This work culminated in a highly cited publication in PLoS Computational Biology in 2008 that was also highlighted in Nature Reviews Genetics.

After completing her PhD in 2007 she spent three years as post-doctoral researcher in the Computational Biology and Applied Algorithms group in Max Planck Institute for Informatics. Elena joined Garvan’s Cancer Epigenetics group in 2010, where she is involved in several projects looking at epigenetic remodelling in breast cancer.

Research Interests

Epigenetic remodelling in Breast Cancer
Computational analysis and integration of epigenetic datasets
Computational analysis if biological networks
Applied algorithms and machine learning


2007 – PhD Computer Science, University of Maryland College Park - USA
1998 – BSc Computer Science and Mathematics, Tel-Aviv University - Israel

Selected Publications

Clare Stirzaker*, Elena Zotenko*, Jenny Z. Song, Wenjia Qu, Shalima S. Nair, Warwick J. Locke, Andrew Stone, et al. “Methylome Sequencing in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Reveals Distinct Methylation Clusters with Prognostic Value” Nature Communications 6:5899 (2015). * authors contributed equally to the work

Jan Hoinka*, Elena Zotenko*, Adam Friedman, Zuben E. Sauna, and Teresa M. Przytycka. “Identification of Sequence-Structure RNA Binding Motifs for SELEX-Derived Aptamers.” Bioinformatics 28(12): i215–23 (2012).  * authors contributed equally to the work

Sven-Eric Schelhorn, Julián Mestre, Mario Albrecht, and Elena Zotenko. “Inferring Physical Protein Contacts from Large-Scale Purification Data of Protein Complexes.” Molecular & Cellular Proteomics 10(6): M110.004929 (2011). 

Juliane Perner and Elena Zotenko. “Characterizing Cell Types through Differentially Expressed Gene Clusters Using a Model-Based Approach.” In Advances in Data Mining. Applications and Theoretical Aspects, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6870 (2011).

Elena Zotenko, Julian Mestre, Dianne P. O’Leary, and Teresa M. Przytycka. “Why Do Hubs in the Yeast Protein Interaction Network Tend to Be Essential: Reexamining the Connection between the Network Topology and Essentiality.” PLoS Computational Biology 4(8): e1000140 (2008).

Elena Zotenko, Katia S. Guimarães, Raja Jothi, and Teresa M. Przytycka. “Decomposition of Overlapping Protein Complexes: A Graph Theoretical Method for Analyzing Static and Dynamic Protein Associations.” Algorithms for Molecular Biology 1:7 (2006)

Dr Elena Zotenko

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