Dr Nenad Bartonicek

Research Officer

Bioinformatic Research Officer

The common theme of my education and work experience is exploring borders between biology and mathematics. Originally from Zagreb, Croatia, I finished the IB Baccalaureate in the US and graduated at the University of Zagreb in Molecular biology (Bioinformatics) and Pharmacy (Biochemistry).

After work in GlaxoSmithKline Research Centre Zagreb as a data analyst I decided to pursuit my interests in gene expression and genomics. The EMBL fellowship allowed me to work with Anton Enright at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge, UK where I received a PhD in functional genomic analyses of non-coding RNAs.

Research Interests

Gene expression and epigenetics
Non-coding RNAs
Data visualization

Awards and Honours

2012 - Talk invitation, Cold Spring Harbour Conference on Non-coding RNAs
2011 - Cancer Research UK Symposium, Poster award
2008 - EMBL fellowship
2007 - GlaxoSmithKline, Performance Award
2004 - University of Zagreb, Dean’s award
2003 - Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Zagreb, Student of the year
2003 - Faculty of Sciences, University of Zagreb, Student of the year
2002 - Pliva Pharmaceutical Company Scholarship


2012 - PhD, University of Cambridge - UK
2004 - Diploma degree in Molecular biology, University of Zagreb - Croatia
2006 - Diploma degree in Pharmacy, University of Zagreb - Croatia

Selected Publications

De Fazio, S., Bartonicek, N., Di Giacomo, M., Abreu-Goodger, C., Sankar, A., Funaya, C., Antony, C., Moreira, P.N., Enright, A.J., and O'Carroll, D. (2011). The endonuclease activity of Mili fuels piRNA amplification that silences LINE1 elements. Nature 480, 259-263.

Bartonicek, N., and Enright, A.J. (2010). SylArray: a web server for automated detection of miRNA effects from expression data. Bioinformatics 26, 2900-2901.

Dr Nenad Bartonicek

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