Dr Eva Chan

Senior Research Officer/Analyst

Dr Chan graduated with a BSc (Honours) in Bioinformatics in 2002 and completed a PhD in Computational Genetics and Genomics at the University of New South Wales in 2007. Dr Chan’s postdoctoral training was in the Department of Livestock Industries at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (QLD, Australia) and in the Department of Plant Sciences at the University of California, Davis (CA, USA).

In 2009, Eva took up a position as the Statistical Genetics Lead at the Vegetable Seeds Division of Monsanto Company, in California. In 2013, Eva returned to Sydney to join the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Research Interests

Statistical genetics
Quantitative genomics
Genome wide association mapping
Population genetics
Linkage mapping
Genetics/Genomic signatures of selection


2007 - PhD, University of New South Wales - Australia
2002 - Honours, University of New South Wales - Australia
2001 - BSc, University of Queensland - Australia


Caldwell D, Chan E, De Vries J, Joobeur T, King J, Reina A, Shetty N. Methods and Compositions for identifying Downy Mildew resistance in cucumber plants. World patent WO/2011/050,296. 2011 April 28; United States patent 12,910,478. 2010 October 22.

Selected Publications

McCrow JP, Petersen DC, Louw M, Chan EK, Harmeyer K, Vecchiarelli S, Lyons RJ, Bornman MS, Hayes VM. Spectrum of mitochondrial genomic variation and associated clincal presentation of prostate cancer in South African men. Prostate 2016; 76:349-58

Chan EK, Hardie RA, Petersen DC, Beeson K, Bornman RM, Smith AB, Hayes VM. Revised timeline and distribution of the earliest diverged human maternal lineages in southern Africa. PLoS One 2015; 10:e0121223

Sandlin K, Prothro J, Heesacker A, Khalilian N, Okashah R, Xiang W, Bachlava E, Caldwell DG, Taylor CA, Seymour DK, White V, Chan E, Tolla G, White C, Safran D, Graham E, Knapp S, McGregor C. Comparative mapping in watermelon [Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsum. et Nakai]. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 2012;125:1603-1618.

Chan EKF, Rowe HC, Corwin JA, Joseph B, Kliebenstein  DJ. Combining genome wide association mapping and transcriptional networks to identify novel genes controlling glucosinolates in Arabidopsis thaliana. PloS Biology. 2011; 9(8):e1001125.

Chan EKF, Rowe HC, Hansen BG, Kliebenstein DJ. The Complex Genetic Architecture of the Metabolome. PLoS Genetics 2010;6(11): e1001198  [This publication appeared in Nature Research Highlights (2010) Genetics: Metabolic variation’s roots. Nature 468:349.]

Chan EKF, Rowe HC, Kliebenstein DJ. Understanding the evolution of defense metabolites in Arabidopsis thaliana using genome-wide association mapping. Genetics 2010; 185:991-1007.

Rowe HC, Walley JW, Corwin J, Chan EK-F, Dehesh K, Kliebenstein DJ. Deficiencies in Jasmonate-Mediated Plant Defense Reveal Quantitative Variation in Botrytis cinerea Pathogenesis. PLoS Pathogens 2010; 6(4):e1000861.

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Chan EKF and Reverter A. The combined effect of SNP-marker and phenotype attributes in genome wide association studies. Animal Genetics 2009; 40(2):149-156.

Reverter A, Chan EKF. Combining partial correlation and an information theory approach to the reversed-engineering of gene co-expression networks. Bioinformatics 2008; 24(21):2491-2497.

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Williams RBH*, Chan EKF*, Cowley MJ, Little PFR. The influence of genetic variation on gene expression. Genome Research 2007; 17:1707-1716. (* equal first authors)

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Cotsapas CJ, Williams  RBH, Pulvers JN, Nott DJ, Chan EKF, Cowley MJ, Little PFR. Genetic dissection of gene regulation in multiple mouse tissues. Mammalian Genome 2006; 17(6):490-495.

Dr Eva Chan

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