Genomics and Garvan's Research

Genomics and Garvan's Research

Garvan’s genomic technologies allow researchers to investigate relationships between many sections of the genome and study their combined influence on health and disease. 

Genomics provides basic insights into human characteristics, as well as findings that are readily transferrable to the clinic. Garvan has clinical collaborations focused on conditions as diverse as neurological and movement disorders, cardiac disease, kidney disease, immune system diseases and intellectual disability.

Clinical trials of targeted treatments for cancer – based on the tumour’s genomic profile – are also underway.

Genomic research is the basis of true personalised or precision medicine: enabling a future when a person’s genetic makeup can be used to predict the risk of developing a condition and guide its management. Genomic information is already delivering benefits to individuals and their families affected by rare, genetic conditions.

However, breakthroughs in our understanding of the genome, and its interaction with the environment, will lead to benefits in improved health outcomes, optimised treatment and ultimately, disease prevention.