Diabetes and Transcription Factors

The causes of diabetes and obesity are only partially understood. These conditions are epidemic in Australia, and treatments are only partially effective.

In diabetes, we know there are changes in gene expression in beta-cells that can yield clues about what is going wrong. Through the use of a variety of tissue-specific knockout and transgenic mice we work with transcription factors to identify mechanisms of beta-cell failure as well as ways to improve beta-cell function, which may lead to improved treatments of human diabetes.

Obesity is the result of a long-term imbalance between energy intake and expenditure. We are working with a transcription factor which when activated prevents excessive weight gain. This may lead to novel human therapeutic agents.

Liver diseases including fatty liver, hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis are increasingly common in today’s society. They are increased by diabetes, and obesity, indicating fascinating interactions. We are studying the role of various transcription factors in liver diseases

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