Dr Joanne Reed

Senior Research Officer

Conjoint/Adjunct Role(s)

Conjoint Lecturer, St Vincent’s Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Sydney

Joanne’s research focuses on autoimmune diseases, particularly the origin and role of autoantibodies. Joanne completed her PhD at Flinders University, investigating antigen expression and autoantibody specificity in Sjogren’s syndrome and lupus.

Upon completion of her PhD she received an NHMRC Fellowship to undertake postdoctoral training at New York University. At NYU, Joanne studied how autoantibodies mediate tissue injury in neonatal lupus.

In 2013 Joanne returned to Australia and joined Prof Christopher Goodnow’s group at the Australian National University, with the goal of developing new genomic approaches to study autoimmune disease. She then moved with Prof Goodnow in 2015 to establish an Immunogenomics lab at the Garvan Institute.

Joanne's current research uses next generation sequencing and single cell transcriptomics to study antibody repertoires and genetic variants in patients with autoimmune disease.

Research Interests

Humoral Immunity
Sjogren's syndrome
Neonatal Lupus
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Awards and Honours

2017 - Lupus Travel Grant and Scientific Presentation Award
2017 - NSW Health Early - Mid Career Fellowship
2016 - Arthritis Australia SA LSS Support Group Grant
2013 - Lupus Foundation of America Grant
2012 – Arthritis Foundation of America Postdoctoral Fellowship
2012 – American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship
2011 – Sjogren’s syndrome Foundation of America Outstanding Abstract Award
2010 – NHMRC CJ Martin Overseas Training Fellowship
2009 – Australian Rheumatology Association New Investigator Award
2008/7/6 – Australian Rheumatology Association Philip Alper’s Prize and Travel Grant
2004 – Amgen Prize for best honours thesis in South Australia
2004 – Australian Biotechnology Association honours thesis prize
2004 – University Medal


2009 – PhD, Flinders University of South Australia - Australia
2004 – Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours – First Class), Flinders University of South Australia - Australia

Selected Publications

Reed, J.H., Gorny, M.K., Li, L., J.P. Buyon and Clancy, R.M. (2017) Ro52 autoantibodies arise from self-reactive progenitors in a mother of a child with neonatal lupus. J Autoimmun, 79: 99-104.

Reed, J.H., Jackson, J., Christ, D., Goodnow, C.C. (2016) Clonal redemption of autoantibodies by somatic hypermutation away from self-reactivity during human immunization. J Exp Med 213(7):1255-65.

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(with accompanying editorial: Clancy R.M. Arthritis Rheum 60: 636-8)

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Dr Joanne Reed