Bronwyn Terrill

Manager, Education and Communication

Bronwyn is a science communicator, educator and writer working primarily with the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics. She is responsible for planning and developing a strategic program to engage public and professional audiences in genomic medicine.

In past roles in Australia, the US and UK, Bronwyn has focused on engaging different audiences with genetics, genomics and molecular biology. She has curated museum exhibitions in Australia, the US and the UK, and developed education programs for school students, teachers, professionals and public audiences. Bronwyn produced award-winning online resources for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Dolan DNA Learning Center on molecular biology, genetics and cancer. She also established and managed the public engagement team for the largest genome centre in Europe, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

Throughout her career, Bronwyn’s focus has shifted between directly producing resources, advising on large public projects and enabling researchers in their own public engagement efforts. She has advised on exhibitions for the Science Museum and Natural History Museum in London, and significantly contributed to innovative education and public engagement collaborations, such as Inside DNA: a genomic revolution ( and Routes alternate reality game (Wellcome Trust/Channel 4).

Research Interests

Public attitudes to, and interest in, personal genomics
Use of educational technologies in genomics education


Ongoing - Master of Education (Educational Technologies), Monash University - Australia
1995 - Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary), Monash University - Australia
1995 - Graduate Certificate of Applied Science (Scientific & Technical Writing), Deakin University - Australia
1992 - Graduate Diploma in Scientific Communication, Australian National University - Australia
1991 - Bachelor of Science, University of Queensland - Australia

Selected Publications

Mattick JS, Dziadek MA, Terrill BN, Kaplan W, Spigelman AD, Bowling FG, et al. (2014). The impact of genomics on the future of medicine and health. The Medical journal of Australia. 201(1), pp. 17-20.

Terrill, B. & MacLeod A. (July, 2010) Fostering science communication talent within a research organization: an evidence-based approach. Presented at Science and the Public 2010, Imperial College, London and the Science Museum.

Johnson, B., MacLeod, A. & Terrill, B. (May, 2010) Fostering ‘good’ science communicators. Science Communication Conference 2010, British Science Association & Wellcome Trust, UK. Conference report available at

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Bronwyn Terrill