Kerith-Rae Dias

Key Account Manager


BSc in Biological Sciences specializing in Microbiology and Genetics
University of Auckland, New Zealand
Master in Forensic Science
University of Western Australia, Australia

Selected Publications

  • A simple and novel method for RNA-seq library preparation of single cell cDNA analysis by hyperactive Tn5 transposase.  Brouilette et al., Developmental Dynamics. 10/2012; 241(10):1584-90
  • The forensic characterisation of the soil microbial community in response to cadaver decomposition.  Dias, K-R, Thesis (M.For.Sc) University of Western Australia, 2011
  • Microbial community analysis of human decomposition on soil. Parkinson R, Dias K-R, Horswell J et al. In Criminal and Environmental Soil Forensics, Springer, 2009

Kerith-Rae Dias