Kerith-Rae Dias

Senior Genomics Project Officer


BSc in Biological Sciences specializing in Microbiology and Genetics
University of Auckland, New Zealand
Master in Forensic Science
University of Western Australia, Australia

Selected Publications

  • A simple and novel method for RNA-seq library preparation of single cell cDNA analysis by hyperactive Tn5 transposase.  Brouilette et al., Developmental Dynamics. 10/2012; 241(10):1584-90
  • The forensic characterisation of the soil microbial community in response to cadaver decomposition.  Dias, K-R, Thesis (M.For.Sc) University of Western Australia, 2011
  • Microbial community analysis of human decomposition on soil. Parkinson R, Dias K-R, Horswell J et al. In Criminal and Environmental Soil Forensics, Springer, 2009

Kerith-Rae Dias

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