Maria Gonzalez

Information and Engagements Officer

Maria’s role with the Garvan Institute's Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics involves coordinating the development, conduct and completion of research and clinical projects in the Centre.

She earned her BSc (Hons) from the University of Sydney, Australia in 2005, majoring in pharmacology. In 2010 she received her MSc from the University of New South Wales, undertaking her research into the early molecular and genetic changes ovarian cancer at Garvan Institute of Medical Research. She also worked as a research assistant at the Centenary Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, Sydney, investigating the changes in expression of non-coding RNAs in haemopoetic cell development.

Maria has experience in ethics administration at the University of Technology, Sydney, providing executive support for the human, animal and biosafety committees. She also gained experience in project management during her role at Ronald McDonald House Charities, coordinating the development and online learning management system.

Research Interests

Genomics, personalised medicine


2010 - MSc, University of New South Wales - Australia
2005 - BSc (Honours I), University of Sydney - Australia

Selected Publications

ZNF300P1 encodes a lincRNA that regulates cell polarity and is epigenetically silenced in type II epithelial ovarian cancer. Gloss B, Moran-Jones K, Lin V, Gonzalez M, Scurry J, Hacker NF, Sutherland RL, Clark SJ, Samimi G. Mol Cancer. 2014 Jan 6;13:3.

Integrative genome-wide expression and promoter DNA methylation profiling identifies a potential novel panel of ovarian cancer epigenetic biomarkers. Gloss BS, Patterson KI, Barton CA, Gonzalez M, Scurry JP, Hacker NF, Sutherland RL, O'Brien PM, Clark SJ. Cancer Lett. 2012 May 1;318(1):76-85.

Identification of nuclear-enriched miRNAs during mouse granulopoiesis. Wong JJ, Ritchie W, Gao D, Lau KA, Gonzalez M, Choudhary A, Taft RJ, Rasko JE, Holst J. J Hematol Oncol. 2014 May 15;7:42. 

Orchestrated intron retention regulates normal granulocyte differentiation. Wong JJ, Ritchie W, Ebner OA, Selbach M, Wong JW, Huang Y, Gao D, Pinello N, Gonzalez M, Baidya K, Thoeng A, Khoo TL, Bailey CG, Holst J, Rasko JECell. 2013 Aug 1;154(3):583-95.

Maria Gonzalez