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Click here to read KCCG News Issue 8. Contents include the work of Dr Emma Palmer, using artificial intelligence to search medical literature, a new tool to identify genetic variation, meeting our head of Genomic Technologies Dr Martin Smith and more. 

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KCCG News Issue 7

(8 Jan, 2018) Contents: Long read sequencing; the Sydney Genomics Collaborative web portal; profile of Clare Puttick; grants and awards; partnerships; publications and conference attendance; KCCG in the media; events; welcoming new team members. 

KCCG News Issue 6

(19 Oct, 2017) Contents: KCCG's Health Hack; the Garvan-Weizmann and Genomic Cancer Medicine Program launches; 3D printing; the Vectis genomics platform; grants and awards; partnerships; publications and conference attendance; KCCG in the media; events; welcoming new team members. 

KCCG News Issue 5

(13 July, 2017) Contents: KCCG's new vision; Medical Genome Reference Bank and Genome Power updates; the Chromium Genome Solution; grants and awards; publications and conference attendance; KCCG in the media; events; welcoming new team members. 

KCCG News Issue 4

(17 July, 2016) Contents: KCCG production news; accreditation update; KCCG production news; seminars; KCCG publications; KCCG presence and presentations; PrecisionFDA Challenge award; Open Science Prize finalists; online tour launch; NSW Genomics Collaborative Grants; benefits of WGS for intellectual disability; towards an Undiagnosed Diseases Program in NSW; Genioz survey launched; staff news; Medical Genomic Reference Bank update; upcoming events; connect with us online.

KCCG News Issue 3

(24 December, 2015) Contents: Partnership with Genomics England; update on the Sydney Genomics Collaborative; KCCG production news; staff profile (Mark Cowley); courses and workshops; KCCG presentations; connect with us online.

KCCG News Issue 2

(20 October, 2015) Contents: Sydney Genomics Collaborative update; KCCG production news; clinical accreditation; Lisa Ewans, clinical geneticist and student (profile); KCCG conference presentations; education events; connect with us online.

KCCG News Issue 1

(3 August, 2015) Contents: clinical accreditation; Sydney Genomics Collaborative kick-off; KCCG production news; publications; Dr Leslie Burnett, genetic pathologist (profile); KCCG showcase; new staff; connect with us online.



New resource to help clinicians and researchers with genomic research

(24 May, 2018) The Garvan Institute of Medical Research is part of a collaboration that has developed an online resource to introduce clinicians and researchers to clinical genomics research.

Microsoft cloud computing grant to support Garvan's genomic research

(24 April, 2018) Microsoft is to support the development of Garvan’s Genetic Index, through an Azure high performance computing grant.

Enabling faster genetic diagnosis for critically ill infants

(1 February, 2018) Critically unwell Australian babies and children with suspected genetic conditions will undergo rapid genomic testing to help guide their diagnosis and care as part of an Australia-first study, involving Garvan and its wholly owned subsidiary Genome.One.

Advancing practice and strengthening the genomics community in Australian healthcare

(8 December, 2017) More than 170 delegates from the healthcare and genomics community attended the second Annual Australian Clinical Genomics Symposium (AACGS) on 17 to 18 November to hear from national and international thought leaders and to discuss challenges and issues in clinical genomics.

Reading DNA in real time: Garvan's new long read sequencing capability

(4 December, 2017) Garvan has added nanopore sequencing to its toolbox of systems to analyse human genomes, opening up new possibilities for research and deeper insights into the genetics of health and disease.

Garvan researchers shine across Australia

(10 November, 2017) Garvan congratulates five early career researchers who received awards at two national meetings last week – the annual conference of Australasian Genomic Technologies Association (AGTA), and Epigenetics 2017.

Leading genomic data projects to drive a new 'world of knowledge'

(18 October, 2017) Garvan researchers are key contributors to three genomic data initiatives selected as key Driver Projects by the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) in a 5-year vision to fully realise the promise of genomic medicine.

A variant atlas platform for Australian Genomics

(22 September, 2017) The Australian Genomics alliance has adopted a cohort analytics platform, developed by the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics, that will house, query and analyse genomic data across patient cohorts nationally. 

Genome sequencing transforming lives

(September, 2017) Life-changing work investigating rare diseases by researchers at the Garvan’s whole-genome sequencing facility relies on powerful technology and network connectivity.

Garvan reaches 15,000 genomes

(27 July, 2017) Garvan has now sequenced more than 15,000 whole genomes, a major milestone for the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics (KCCG) and Garvan's wholly owned subsidiary, Genome.One.

Genomics at Garvan and Genome.One highlighted on the ABC

(7 July, 2017) This week’s episode of ‘Ask the Doctor’, which explored the role of genomics in medicine, focused on the work of Garvan and Genome.One.

Genome.One News: OneOme and Genome.One team up to provide powerful genetic insights

(6 July 2017) Garvan’s Genome.One and U.S.-based OneOme have partnered to provide genetic and pharmacogenomic information as part of a new personal health management service launched earlier this month.

Genome.One News: Australia's first whole genome and health assessment service to provide an unprecedented insight into our current and future health

(20 June, 2017) Genome.One has today launched Australia's first clinical service that combines whole genome sequencing with a comprehensive health assessment to enable a more precise approach to managing health.

Genome.One News: World-leading Australian intelligent data capture platform to aid global advancement in personalised health care

(7 June, 2017) Genome.One, backed by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, has secured a new partnership for its pioneering health information technology with one of the biggest health systems in the United States, Sanford Health.

John Mattick: Whole genome sequencing is medicine's snowy scheme

(13 April, 2017) In this opinion piece in The Australian, Garvan's Executive Director, Professor John Mattick AO FAA says that Australia could be a front runner in precision medicine – but we need to act now.

"The best tool of its kind in the world": Patient Archive being used to advance diagnosis of rare diseases in WA

(7 April, 2017) Western Australia’s Undiagnosed Diseases Program (UDP) has acquired Patient Archive clinical phenotyping software from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, developed by Dr Tudor Groza from the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics.

PKD Australia funding to help develop diagnostic tool for kidney disease

(12 May, 2017) Garvan researcher Dr Amali Mallawaarachchi has been awarded a grant from the Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation of Australia to support the development of an improved genomic diagnostic tool for individuals with kidney disease.

Garvan researchers awarded Early-Mid Career NSW Health Fellowships

(23 December, 2016) Three of Garvan’s emerging research leaders – Drs Mark Cowley, Cindy Ma and Joanne Reed – have been awarded three-year Fellowships through the NSW Health Early-Mid Career Fellowship Scheme.

International experts share insights into genomic healthcare at Australia’s first clinical genomics symposium

(20 December, 2016) Garvan hosted international speakers Dr Stephen Kingsmore (Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine, San Diego) and Dr Richard Scott (Genomics England) for the inaugural Annual Australian Clinical Genomics Symposium on 19 and 20 November, 2016.

Sir John Chisholm visits Garvan to discuss cooperation with England in genomic medicine

(20 December, 2016) Garvan was pleased to host Sir John Chisholm FREng CEng FIEE, Executive Chairman of Genomics England, in November. During his visit, Sir John spoke about the UK’s 100,000 Genomes Project, and about how the rise of clinical genomics in the UK will change healthcare and the economy.


Genomes of healthy older Australians to accelerate medical research in NSW and beyond

(16 December, 2016) Information about the genome sequences of 1200 of Australia’s healthy older people has been made available to medical researchers worldwide, with the launch of the Medical Genome Reference Bank today by Garvan and NSW Health.

New Centre for Research Excellence to transform diagnosis and management of severe neurocognitive disorders

(05 December, 2016) A new Centre for Research Excellence, which aims to transform diagnosis and management of severe intellectual disability (also known as neurocognitive disorders) through genomics, is to be established in Australia. The Centre is one of six clinical Centres of Research Excellence (CREs) to receive funding from the NHMRC.

The Centre’s team is led by Dr Tony Roscioli (Team Leader in Rare Disease Genomics at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research) and includes researchers and clinicians from across Australia, who together have internationally recognised expertise in neurogenetics research, genomics, bioinformatics, health economics and clinical practice.

Garvan Institute achieves major milestone: 10,000 genomes sequenced

(18 October, 2016) Garvan’s Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics (KCCG) has achieved a major milestone by sequencing its first 10,000 whole genomes since it acquired and installed its Illumina HiSeq X Ten system in 2014.

Alan's story: a life-changing diagnosis through genome sequencing

(24 September, 2016) Garvan is delighted to share the inspirational story of seven-year-old Alan, whose life-threatening immune disorder has been held at bay through the power of genomic information. More of his story can be found in our in-depth web feature.

Cancer Institute NSW grant brings advanced genomics technology to Australia

(Sep 19, 2016) Researchers across NSW will be able to explore genomic changes in cancer cells more comprehensively than ever before, following Garvan’s acquisition of the ‘Chromium Genome Solution’ (10x Genomics, Inc). The technology has been purchased with the aid of a Research Equipment Grant from Cancer Institute NSW.

NSW leadership in the global advance of clinical genomics

(Aug 29, 2016) Genomics has come of age. The massive reduction in DNA sequencing costs, approximately one million-fold since the completion of the first draft of the human genome 15 years ago, has brought this once elite field into the practical realm, not only to enable research into human health but also, increasingly, for productive applications in healthcare. In this article, which originally appeared in the August issue of the OHMR Innovator, the newsletter of the NSW Office for Health and Medical Research, Garvan’s Executive Director, Professor John Mattick, describes how initiatives in New South Wales place the state at the forefront of advances in clinical genomics in Australia and beyond.

Genome.One News: New era in genetic disease diagnosis with Australia’s first whole-genome testing service to be launched today

(Jul 27, 2016) The Garvan Institute of Medical Research’s Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics will launch Australia’s first clinical whole-genome sequencing service at an event today in Sydney. This new service could triple the diagnosis rates for Australians living with rare and genetic conditions. For more information about the clinical service, for providers or patients, please visit

Garvan team a top performer in international genomics challenge

(Jul 06, 2016) A team from Garvan's Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics was a top performer in last week’s precisionFDA ‘Truth Challenge’ – an online competition designed to test the performance of genome informatics pipelines worldwide.

Landmark Lions project to provide genome sequencing to hundreds of Aussie kids with cancer

(May 14, 2016) Hundreds of Australian children with high-risk cancer will have access to new genome sequencing technologies that could guide their treatment, following the announcement today of substantial Lions Club funding for the Lions Kids Cancer Genome Project – an important new component of the Zero Childhood Cancer Program for diagnosis and treatment of childhood cancer.

MyGene2 website reaches Open Science Prize final

(12 May, 2016) A joint project by the University of Washington (Seattle) and Garvan is one of six finalists for the Open Science Prize, it was announced on Monday. The research team were recognised for their work in developing MyGene2, a website that helps families living with rare genetic disease to find others with mutations in the same gene.

NSW Health collaborative genomics grants announced

(Apr 27, 2016) Six NSW research teams will receive support from the NSW Government to investigate the genomic underpinnings of disease, it was announced today.

Handling big data in genomics: Garvan partners with NCI

(25 February, 2016) The Garvan Institute of Medical Research has become a collaboration partner of the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), bringing together the southern hemisphere’s largest genome sequencing centre and its most powerful supercomputing environment for data-intensive research. Together, the two institutions will develop systems for the secure, centralised storage and analysis of genomic information in Australia.

45 and Up: working with Australia’s biggest health study

(Nov 18, 2015) The Garvan Institute’s Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics (KCCG) is embarking on a collaborative genome sequencing project with the Sax Institute, whose ‘45 and Up’ study is the largest ongoing study of healthy ageing in the southern hemisphere.

Garvan Partners with Genomics England

(25 September, 2015) Garvan has signed a memorandum of understanding with Genomics England, the organisation established by the UK’s Department of Health to deliver the world-first 100,000 Genomes Project. The two organisations will share resources and expertise to advance genomic medicine in Australia and the UK.

Genomics initiative to help children with genetic disorders

(10 September, 2015) Garvan is embarking on a groundbreaking project to sequence and analyse the genomes of up to 60 children in NSW with severe intellectual or developmental disability, along with their families.

Test drive a $1000 genome

(30 July, 2014) The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, DNAnexus and AllSeq have teamed up to offer the genomics community open access to the first publicly available test data sets generated using Illumina’s HiSeq X Ten, an extremely powerful sequencing platform. *Note: this data is still available.

Garvan Institute welcomes NSW funding of Sydney Genomics Collaborative

(17 June, 2014) The Garvan Institute of Medical Research welcomes today’s announcement of $24 million in State Government funding for a genomics research collaborative, saying it would deliver long-term health benefits and put NSW at the cutting edge of medical research. The NSW Government also released a budget announcement that highlights the Collaborative.

The future of genomic medicine has arrived in Australia

(15 January, 2014) The transformation of medicine by human genome sequencing has moved closer following the announcement today that Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research is one of the first in the world to acquire machines that can sequence a whole human genome at a base cost below $US1,000.

Partner and funder press releases

NSW takes the lead in genomic medicine: 2014/15 NSW Genomics Collaborative Grants announced

(5 March, 2015) Four teams of NSW based researchers will share $2.72 million to explore better treatments for cancer, mitochondrial disease, inherited heart disease in babies and schizophrenia. Associated files: press release and list of grant recipients.

Personalis and the Garvan Institute Announce Commercial Partnership for Whole Human Genome Sequencing, Analysis and Interpretation

(20 October, 2014) Collaboration to bring together high-quality, large-scale whole genome sequencing with best-in-class analysis and interpretation services for research and clinical applications.

RDSI story: Australia's healthy human genome reference collection

(1 September, 2014) RDSI and Intersect Australia are helping the Garvan Institute of Medical Research to provide Australian genomics researchers with cost-effective whole human genome sequencing.

QFAB, Garvan team for genomic sequence analysis

(3 August, 2014) Brisbane’s QFAB Bioinformatics and Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research have formed a partnership covering whole human genome sequence data analysis.

Mark Cowley and Marina Pajic top-ranked applicants for Cancer Institute NSW Fellowships

(8 April, 2014) Dr Marina Pajic and Dr Mark Cowley from Garvan were awarded Cancer Institute NSW Fellowships this year, each ranked as top applicant in their category, a Career Development Fellowship and Early Career Fellowship respectively.


Media around the first Australian Understand Your Genome event

In April, 2014, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research hosted the first Australian Illumina Inc. Understand Your Genome program. This innovative, hands-on program offered 50 selected participants the opportunity to learn about the information within our genetic code by exploring their own genome.

Genomes the path to future wellbeing (1 April, 2014)

Genomics key to future of Healthcare (9 April, 2014)

Geronimo moments for first-mapped Australian genomes (9 April, 2014)

Executives perfect pioneers for genomic medicine (9 April, 2014)