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KCCG offers low cost, large-scale whole genome sequencing for human, mouse and other large genomes using the Illumina HiSeq X Ten system.

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Our process

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Australian researchers

Access to whole genome sequencing on the HiSeq X Ten platform is exclusively available to researchers.



International researchers

For international orders, we recommend going through our Science Exchange Store for convenient quoting and payment.


Submit samples

Samples must be submitted using the provided FluidX 0.7mL 2D barcoded screw cap tubes

DNA requirements

We recommend that samples be extracted using Qiagen DNeasy Blood / Tissue Extraction Kits or similar. Please contact us prior to extraction to ensure compatibility and suitability of the extraction protocol.

  • Samples can not be derived from FFPE material
  • Samples should not be modified prior to shipping (e.g. Bisulphite conversion)
  • Samples must be pure, intact and of high molecular weight
  • Samples must be free of contaminating nucleic acids
  • Samples must not be amplified (PCR, WGA, MDA etc.)
  • DNA should be submitted in Qiagen Elution Buffer (EB), Illumina Resuspension Buffer (RSB) or similar
  • Sample quantification must be completed using a fluorometric assay specific to dsDNA (e.g. Picogreen, Qubit BR assay)
  • Transfer your samples into the FluidX 2D barcoded tubes (supplied by KCCG) and ensure the caps are sealed tightly using the screw cap tool

Samples must meet the following specifications:


Vol. (uL)

Conc. (ng/uL)



TruSeq Nano


10 - 100


>1 ug

TruSeq PCR-Free


25 - 100


>2.5 ug

Samples submitted failing to meet any of the above criteria will be removed from further processing and the submitter notified.


Ship DNA and documentation

Samples must be submitted in the FluidX 2D barcoded tubes.

For shipping please follow the recommendations below:

  • Transfer your samples into the FluidX 2D barcoded tubes supplied and ensure the caps are sealed tightly using the screw cap tool.
  • Samples should be shipped in triple packaging consisting of the Primary Receptacle (FluidX tubes), Secondary Receptacle (Tube Rack, Falcon Tube, BioBottle etc) and Tertiary Receptacle (Esky) with cardboard outer packaging.
  • Ensure that the pre-barcoded tubes sit securely in the rack and the lid is locked using the orange clips on the side of the rack. If no rack was provided please ensure tubes are stored securely in a secondary receptacle.  
  • Samples should be frozen prior to shipment, preferably for > 24 hours.
  • Samples can be shipped at ambient temperature. It is recommended to use dry ice pellets and not blocks to avoid damaging the racks during shipment.
  • NOTE: International researchers should ensure the Australian Customs and AQIS import permit and Shipping Declaration are included with the package. This documentation, as well as information regarding international sample delivery, is available at our Science Exchange Store.


Your samples will be sequenced on our Illumina HiSeq X Ten system. 


Data Delivery

Data will be delivered via DNAnexus, a cloud-based platform.

Your data will be shipped with a detailed project summary report describing the yield and quality of sequence data for each sample.

With your data, you will also find documentation that describe the file structure of your sequencing data and a project summary report. In accordance with Illumina’s specification for the HiSeq X, we guarantee yield >= 100Gb and Q30 >= 75% of bases.

For instructions on how to download data from DNAnexus DNAnexus-KCCG User Guide.

Additional Information