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Illumina sequencing flowcell for HiSeq X system

Whole Genome Research Sequencing

The WGS sequencing service is now offered through the Discovery Genomics group at Genome.One, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.


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Discovery at Genome.One
Promoting innovation and discovery through genome analytics at scale

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We offer a comprehensive portfolio of discovery genomics services to help position you at the forefront of genomic innovation.  Through our clinically accredited whole genome sequencing service and advanced informatics and software solutions, we provide a leading platform for genomic exploration at scale.

Our discovery genomics service is personalised for each project.  We offer a tailored end-to-end service, and can also provide access at any stage of the discovery and data management pipeline.  With a strong understanding of the research landscape, our team is invested in achieving research outcomes with a wide range of collaborators.  

The Genome.One data analysis platform comprises a scalable variant store that supports the housing of genetic variants from cohorts of whole human genomes, exomes and panels and can be used to segment cohort participant samples based on clinical traits, phenotypes and variant characteristics.  

Talk to us today about your whole genome sequencing needs in the areas of life sciences, clinical trials and drug discovery, forensics, agrigenomics and nutrigenomics.  

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