A/Prof Marcel Dinger

KCCG Team Structure

The Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics (KCCG) is led by Associate Professor Marcel Dinger and comprises eleven teams or operational units that work closely together.

Since 2012, KCCG has grown to more than 60 team members with skills across sequencing, informatics, clinical interpretation, business development, and education.


The teams are:
Genome Sequencing Phenomics Information Architecture
Production and Clinical Informatics Rare Disease Genomics Program Management

Translational Genomics

Visiting Scientists Education and Communication


Genome Sequencing

The Genome Sequencing team is focused on generating large scale and high quality genomic sequencing data.

BenJustin StockmyerMariaJiang Tao
Ben Lundie Justin Stockmyer Dr Maria Lubka-Pathak Dr Jiang Tao
Garry Chadbond Senel Idrisoglu Dahlia Dominik Kaczorowski
Garry Chadbond Senel Idrisoglu Dahlia Saroufim Dominik Kaczorowski
Jennifer Lee Bhargavi Yellapu Jharna Bhuyan Dilshan Kalpage
Jennifer Lee

 Bhargavi Yellapu

Jharna Bhuyan
Dilshan Kalpage
Sam Barton


Sam Barton


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Information Architecture

Chief of Informatics, Dr Warren Kaplan, oversees KCCG’s high performance computing infrastructure and informatics implementation.

WarrenDerrick LinManuel Sopena-Ballesteros
Dr Warren Kaplan Derrick Lin Manuel Sopena-Ballesteros


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Production and Clinical Informatics

Aaron Statham leads the Production and Clinical Informatics team that implements systems to apply whole genome sequencing in an accredited, clinical setting.  His team also develops clinical-grade software solutions to manage, analyse and deliver large-scale genomic data sets.

aaronKevin YingJoe CoptyPeter Budd
Aaron Statham Kevin Ying Joe Copty Dr Peter Budd
Liviu Dmitry Degrave Shane Husson Binoop Nanu
Dr Liviu Constantinescu Dmitry Degrave Shane Husson Binoop Nanu

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Translational Genomics

Dr Mark Cowley and his translational research team develop and apply bioinformatic approaches to decipher the full medical value of the human genome. These methods are applied to inherited genetic diseases, and the study of tumour evolution in response to therapy, including circulating biomarkers.

Mark CowleyMark McCabeandre minoche
Dr Mark Cowley Dr Mark McCabe Dr Andre Minoche Clare Puttick
kishore kumar Vel Garry Chadbond
Dr Kishore Kumar Dr Velimir Gayevskiy Dr Matthew Hobbs

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The Phenomics team, led by Dr Tudor Groza, uses computational methods to represent, acquire (from publications or clinical summaries), integrate (within and across multiple species) and process clinical phenotypes in the context of both rare and complex disorders. The team's work will ultimately inform automated clinical decision support.

TudorVinay KulkarniEdwin ZhangChih-Hao Yu
Dr Tudor Groza Vinay Kulkarni Edwin Zhang Dr Chih-Hao Yu
Craig McNamara Joshua Agudo Simon Kocbek Dr Frank Lin
Craig McNamara Joshua Agudo Dr Simon Kocbek

Dr Frank Lin


Sindhuja Selvam


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Rare Disease Genomics

Dr Tony Roscioli leads a team of medical professionals who provide expert genomic analysis for diagnosis and gene identification in Mendelian diseases.

Tony RoscioliLisa Ewans profileGarry ChadbondGeorgina Hollway
Dr Tony Roscioli Dr Lisa Ewans Dr Madhura Bakshi Dr Georgina Hollway

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Program management

The Program Management team, led by Dr Andrew Stone, is responsible for the broad oversight of KCCG operations. This includes: the management of flagship-sequencing projects initiated through the Sydney Genomics Collaborative; the management and promotion of KCCG sequencing services to both the national and international research community; the development and maintenance of new and on going collaborations and partnerships; and the procurement of external funding for genomic research and infrastructure. 

Andrew StoneKerith-Rae DiasJoice Kuroiwa-Trzmielina
Dr Andrew Stone Kerith-Rae Dias Joice Kuroiwa-Trzmielina

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Education and Communication

Our education and communication program, led by Bronwyn Terrill, focuses on engaging health care professionals and the diverse communities that make up our population with the complex and fast-moving field of genomics.

Bronwyn Terrill Mel Vincent Krista Recsei Andrew Gibb
Bronwyn Terrill Melissa Vincent Krista Recsei Andrew Gibb

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Visiting Scientists

The impact of clinical genomics is becoming widespread and its importance to diverse disciplines is becoming increasingly recognised. KCCG engages closely with scientists, clinicians and ethicists through visiting appointments. These individuals bring additional expertise to KCCG and provide a mechanism for reciprocal engagement into the broader genomics community.

AndreasDr Jacqueline SavardJulia Yin
Prof Andreas Zankl Dr Jacqueline Savard Dr Paul Lacaze

Julia Yin

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