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Impact of genome sequencing

Genome sequencing is being used in medicine to diagnose inherited diseases, target cancer treatments, and identify health risks.

Introduction to your genome

In this video, learn about your genome and the effects that variants in your DNA can have on your body.

Patterns of inheritance

Changes in our DNA can be inherited in different ways, depending on whether they affect one or both copies of a gene.

Running a genomics facility

Find out about the huge amounts of infrastructure required to run a genomics facility.

Security of genomic data

Genomic testing generates a huge amount of data on a person that needs to be stored and transferred securely.

Sequencing a genome

Genome sequencing is a way of analysing a person’s complete set of DNA that can see if they might have, or be at increased risk of, certain diseases.

The genome sequencing journey: what's involved

Sequencing a genome involves a multidisciplinary team of scientists, clinicians, and genetics specialists

The genomic research pathway

Genomics research disrupts the traditional research pathway and blurs research and clinical boundaries.

Transcription close up

Transcription is the first step in the process of decoding the information contained in a gene.

Types of DNA variant: small variants

Variants in your DNA can be large or small, and can affect genes and proteins in different ways.

Types of DNA variant: structural variation

Rearrangements of large sections of DNA are known as structural variants, and can have a big impact on your health.

Types of genomic test

Genomic testing involves looking across the genome for specific areas that might be relevant to a doctor or researcher

Weighing up evidence in genomic testing

Critically assessing the scientific evidence base is a crucial step in determining which variants may be contributing to a patient's condition.

What is genetic counselling?

Find out why talking to genetic health professionals is important, and what to expect in a typical genetic counselling session.

What is your genome?

Your genome is your complete set of genetic information, including all of your DNA.