Running a genomics facility

Find out about the huge amounts of infrastructure required to run a genomics facility.


A large proportion of the genomic testing process is automated, but sequencing laboratories still require an enormous amount of infrastructure – each genome sequenced takes up 1TB of storage, meaning that huge infrastructure is needed to handle and process data.

Clinical sequencing tests in Australia must be carried out in a laboratory that has been accredited to national standards. This accreditation process usually involves thorough inspections by a team of assessors, focusing on operations and management of the sequencing facility including training of staff, operating procedures, validation methods and quality control.


Genomic data is big data. It can be life changing, and a single genomic test is valuable throughout a person’s life.

The best genomic laboratories will focus on clinical accreditation. That’s validating their tests to clinical standards. It will involve quality control measures, you need skilled staff, it’s a very complicated process, and this ensures that the results they generate are accurate day in day out


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See inside a genomics facility with our virtual tour of the Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics. 

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Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics, December 2018.
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