For physicians

Physicians and other medical specialists have many important roles in clinical genomics including identifying when patients may benefit from genomic testing, discussing testing and results with patients, liaising with laboratories, interpreting reports and acting on results.

KCCG and our collaborators are developing resources to assist physicians with taking up these roles:

eLearning modules

Tools and interactive activities


physician-icon.png Clinical Genomics for Physicians

For: physicians and other medical specialists

Link: Clinical Genomics for Physicians (hosted on the RACP elearning portal)

This elearning module introduces users to genomics and help them appropriately:

  • Discuss genomics with patients
  • Refer patients to genomic testing
  • Be involved in genomics’ broader integration into healthcare

This resource was developed by the KCCG and the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).

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physician-icon.png Clinical Genomics Research Resource

For: clinicians and researchers

Link: Clinical Genomics Research Resource (hosted on the NSW Health Centre for Genetics Education website)

This elearning module assists users with starting clinical genomics research in their area of expertise.

It covers topics like ethics, participant interactions and the multidisciplinary team. It also addresses project and experimental design, the challenges of different genomic technologies and genomic data.

This resource was developed by Bioplatforms Australia, NSW Health Centre for Genetics Education and KCCG with support funding from the NSW Ministry of Health Office of Health and Medical Research (OHMR).

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physician-icon.png Genomic Report Quiz

For: clinicians

Link: Genomic Report Quiz 

This tool lets users test their genomics knowledge and learn how to interpret genomic reports.

It includes three sample reports, each with helpful tips on the contents and what to do with this information, followed by a short quiz.

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physician-icon.png Seav-Ed

For: clinicians and researchers with some genetics/genomics experience

Link: Seav-Ed Genome Filtering demo 

This activity lets users explore real genomic data with a tool called Seave. They can use this to solve two clinical case studies, each demonstrating different challenges of clinical genomics.

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physician-icon.png Hippo

For: clinicians and researchers

Link: Hippo

This tool makes it easier for clinicians and researchers to find what they need in the millions of articles in PubMed.

Every day Hippo takes in any new articles on PubMed, then uses artificial intelligence to recognise biomedical terms like genes and phenotypes to supercharge searching.

Learn how to get the most out of Hippo through this short tutorial.

It was developed by the KCCG Phenomics Program in partnership with Monarch Initiative